Shawkl’s ICQC 103 Basic Story

My next intermediate crazy quilt class task was to take a basic embroidery motif and then add elements to place the image into a story of sorts. I chose to use a historic cross-stitch rabbit motif graphed by Kim at String-or-Nothing, by using waste canvas.

I had this idea to mix cross-stitch with ribbon, so the bow accent came to me first. However, this didn’t really tell a story, so I added grass and a flower stem out of ribbon as well. I sat on finishing this for a day because I couldn’t tell what kind of flower to make. I finally decided to try a pompom flower, and I can’t complain. I like the mixed texture between the Mouliné Étoile cross-stitch, the delicate silk ribbon accents, and the comparably more fibrous perle cotton.

My little pet bunny is hopping around the yard, pleased as can be :)

Shawkl’s ICQC 103 Basic Outline

I was fortunate enough to have the day to myself so I set to Kathy’s next task which was to add a basic embroidered outline image. I chose ferns, from an image I found on shutterstock, by Anastasia Lembrik.

For the stems, the large fern used 4 strands of floss, which I peeled away until I was using only 2 toward the top; the smaller stem began with three and still ended with two. As for the leaves, I used a combination of stitches, but mostly backstitch and fly stitches, with an occasional straight or couched stitch mixed in.

In the winter, I find it more frustrating than normal to get good lighting in my cave house, so I took a photo with a different angle. The green looks really sharp on the metallic sheen of the ground fabric, don’t you think?

I already have plans for the next task, though I can’t be sure when I will get a nice chunk of time to begin work on it.

Shawkl’s ICQC 103 vine and spider

The last time I posted about the free crazy quilt course I am enrolled in was way back in March, 2019 (here). My brother stayed with us for two months before he and I left for Africa for two more, and then when I returned, there was so much to catch up on that I’ve only now been able to pick this project up again. I am super excited to see this one through. When I dug it out, I was thrilled to see my lovely trees! As with any art, seeing it in person is just so different than photos online, amiright?

This task was to add a vine, web, and beaded spider. I had everything but the spider completed before Africa and the spider took all of a few minutes! So silly of me to have not gotten that finished last year.

I found inspiration for the vine by googling “vine silhouette” and using image search. Had it not been for the near year that has since passed, I would have been able to point you to the exact image. Anyway, now, I eagerly await Kathy’s next task. I wonder what it will be! :D