TAST: Arrow Stitch

Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) by Sharon Boggon

You’ve read about my idea for this here, right? Ok! See all completed TAST posts here.

Last week’s TAST challenge was the Arrow Stitch (or Arrowhead Stitch if stitching vertically). Here is my front and back, for posterity’s sake:

TAST: arrow stitch

TAST: arrow stitch

This top portion has several things going on. In the left corner, I was just experimenting with different lengths of the arrowhead stitch (towards the bottom of that light pink, I only stitched one side since the other will be cut away once the pennants are transformed into bunting). Then I played with the same idea, but turned the orange stitches to face each other. The next pink area contains tightly stacked and nested arrowhead stitches. Then I threaded a basic orange arrow stitch with a dark pink thread. Under that, I alternated the height of the orange stitches. I also found I could make geometric shapes fairly easily with the dark pink. Looking at them now, I bet I could add two more well-placed arrow stitches and make a diamond! Then I took light and dark pinks and interwove basic arrow stitches at different heights. The orange along the bottom simply stacked different sized arrow stitches.

TAST: arrow stitch

I wanted to also contrast the top portion with more simple uses of the arrow stitch. So, in dark pink, I simply offset two rows of arrow stitches. In orange, I stacked two rows to give a very similar (though different sized) diamond shaped effect. And the bottom row are still just basic arrow stitches, tightly stacked in different colors.

TAST: arrow stitch

For the motif, I stuck an alligator in a pond, with some flying birds and a bare bush to fill in the environment. 

TAST: arrow stitch

And as always, the title portion. It is clear I needed some practice with my stitch lengths and angles here, but I think I got it down now!

TAST: arrow stitch

With TAST, I am learning that while there may be ways to cheat and make the front look a certain way, if you don’t do the stitch correctly, you waste a lot of thread. And sometimes you waste time or add frustration. Being self-taught, I haven’t always looked up how to do things “right” because if the front looked right, I didn’t care nor understand that there was a “right” way. TAST is awesome and so is Sharon! That being said, I still do things the way that is most comfortable to me, and every stitcher I’ve come across agrees that that’s the best way!

Library Updates

Just a quick note about some changes I made in the Library.

First, I added a gallery of my favorite projects as well as popular posts (now that I am beginning to understand how to read google analytics). I think it would be helpful for new visitors to see easily if my little corner of the internet would be interesting enough to follow. Hey – I’m a realist, ok?

I marked Recipes as “archived”. Who am I kidding? Recipes, ha! I don’t cook. I lucked out in my choice of life partner for that;) 

I also tentatively marked Games as “archived” because although I still play them, I just haven’t posted about them. Which is a little ironic because one of my biggest all-time pages is my review for Arkham Horror. Seems like there is an interest in board game reviews by ordinary people. I might come back to it – I do still try to take photos of each new game I play for this very purpose. So, time will tell for that.

As far as Links, I last updated it in 2015. I need to remove the abandoned sites and add the few I’ve found since. I currently follow exactly 100 people through Feedly – but even some of them have bailed so before I just copy them to the Library, I want to sort through them all. I’ll get around to it… some day. It’s a good day in my feedly app if I have more than two posts to look at. My, how times have changed! Where did all the bloggers go? :(

So, on that note, could you do me a favor? Do you blog? Are there blogs out there that you adore for crafty pleasures? Please share them with me!!

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 15

I have two projects to share this week. The first is the TAST challenge: arrow stitch. I am not very far on it yet. I blame the weather (it’s been walkable!) and working at the office a lot more. Maybe I should just give up the dream of temporary retirement and realize I have a “real” job even if it is at my husband’s company. Sometimes I wonder how he ever got on without me! I hope I am not spoiling him too much since I will be away again this summer on an archaeological project.

My other WIP is for an upcoming embroidery guild meeting. We will be learning how to create a French Boutis item. I picked a zippered bag in pomegranate color. Not my usual color scheme, and I am all the more excited about that! Our first task was to have the patterned copied to the fabric. Since my bag is a darker color, I opted to trace the design onto the white fabric. I will just have to be quite careful that I stitch through both pieces!

The teacher, a fellow guildmember, suggested I try Pilot’s Frixion gel pens. If you haven’t heard of these, the gel disappears with heat (iron, blow dryer, or even the microwave – if you google them like I did, you might find an interesting kind of notebook that uses that last method). I made some practice marks on the fabric and then took my iron to it. On this particular fabric, I was left with “ghosting”, or very feint lines where the ink had been. Because I am new to French Boutis, I did not want to risk seeing how off my stitches are on the finished product, which is why instead I used a Frixion pen on the white fabric.