even more cacti

I made some more mini felt cacti (see the originals here, and my last round here). I needed a gift and it never makes sense to only make one since they are pretty easy so I was experimenting with a few options.

You’ll notice I tried painting the terra cotta pots. One includes the copper strip I have used before (once on a cactus, and also on my needlepoint V). I like the thickness and shine of house paint more than the acrylics I’ve used. It is also more fun to very their sizes. And, I dug out some scrapbooking supplies to add paper flower elements.

If you live in a place with actual cacti, you might see the obvious fact that I don’t really know anything about them and I just make mine to look cute. Which ones have big flowers, or small flowers, or fruit melons? I don’t know and didn’t care enough to google for facts. But, I did recall seeing cacti that look like little pickles attached to each other so I tried something to get that effect out of this type. I like the new design much better and I am always pleased that every rendition of these things gets cooler and cooler!

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