more mini felt cacti

I made two more felt cacti, although they are less-mini than the previous set. Unfortunately, I gave both away without getting a photo next to the tiny originals for a size comparison (they happen to be on display at the county library with other embroidery guild members’ items!). They are a little larger than double, let’s say.

For one of my friends, I tossed on a strip of copper tape to liven up the pot. Other than that, I made it just like the teeny one though it is a different shape.

For my other friend, I chose to use the same shape as the little one, but I used a specialty thread for emphasis rather than perle cotton. I like the effect a lot more!

I also got to visit Benzie Design, where I found the first cactus pattern – what a super cute shop! So many colors of felt, it was just lovely! I picked up a little something-something for myself so you’ll be seeing that at some point in the future:)

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