skull pillow & tuatara

I would be seeing my bioanthropology friend from New Zealand at a conference so I wanted to make her something – of course I chose a skull pillow!

She also brought me a gift; a tuatara – a native reptile of New Zealand. It is from a company called dodoland and there are many cool options. Super easy to put together so even small children could do it (with adult supervision). I love it!

cross stitch bunny

So in yesterday’s post, I mentioned that the embroidery guild gave us a needle book and a pattern to make a bunny on the cover. Well, ta da!

I added my own little details: french knots in the top and bottom border, eye, and nose; a two-color vertical line at the spine; and rather than long stitches, I made some Turkey work for a puffy tail (I learned how in the Craftsy Stumpwork class videos).

[P.S. I no longer have Aperture for photo editing, (thank you Apple – NOT!)  and to be frank, I have not had a chance to learn more than the very introductory basics inside the replacement, Lightroom. Aperture had a handy auto “quick fix” feature that I haven’t located yet in the new program (fingers crossed it is there somewhere!), hence the somewhat less than stellar images of late. I just cannot get myself to care about photography or real photo editing – I miss my auto button, bah!]

paper elephant

I am torn between saying the best thing about the internet is the wealth of knowledge and saying it is the wealth of generosity. I came across a free pattern of such a cute little elephant I had to try it out! Thanks to the Swedish material girls at materialisterna!

I printed mine onto the blank side of some scrapping paper I had cut to 8.5 x 11″ and printed it at 108% to make it the largest I could. It jammed the first time in my printer, but then I used the manual feed for envelopes and it worked without issue.

I carefully cut everything out, using an exacto knife for some parts, but scissors probably could have handled it all. I also used a little burnishing tool to make a crease where the tabs get folded. That was a great decision on my part and I pat myself on the back for thinking of it!


I used tiny white beads for the eyes, and simply taped the thread on the inside. I pierced the holes on both left and right sides of the elephant at the same time to assure they would be in the same place, and also used my needle and that method to mark where the ear pieces would be glued.

Then began the arduous task of glueing… My little clothespins helped hold things in place, with some Elmer’s glue and scotch tape. About one Star Trek episode later, I had a perfectly darling elephant.


Guinea Pig Pattern: Revised

So you may remember this post about making my bro a guinea pig, and then I posted again with a bit of a tweak here. Well, one of my readers, Marja, has added her own revisions to the pattern and I think you will like them! I would like to point out again that the original design is posted at KidsDomain.
Marja's guinea pigs from revised pattern

Click here to view Marja’s revised Guinea Pig Pattern.

Her primary language is Dutch, but you can still check out photos of her cute crafts at In de Molshoop :)

Thank you Marja, this is a great revision!


A while back I discovered the idea of a Crafternoon. Unfortunately I dont remember where the idea came from, but when you google it, you can see different takes on the theme. The general idea is to get together and make projects while you hang out. Since a lot of the people I know either have kids or young people in their lives, I thought a Tooth Fairy Pillow was in order.


I printed out the pattern from Larissa at MmmCrafts and gave everyone a folder with some felt. I also had tons of colored felt, buttons, thread, stuffing, etc for people to get creative with. The skill levels ranged from advanced to very beginner. Even the kids got to participate.


And of course we had snacks. It was pretty successful overall! Almost everyone left with completed pillows – I still need photos of two more but I was excited to share the idea with you  (I noticed that the craftier a person was, the longer it took them to make one – doesnt that seem like reverse pyschology?!)


Here is the one I made. I suppose I might give it to my niece when she comes of age (Im considering making a new one or showing her mom how):


Doesnt she have a bit of a Flamenco Dancer to her? If I were to do the pillow again, I might use white fabric (so the mouth pocket doesnt show through as much – I just had the craft felt on hand) or something colored. If you check out MmmCrafts other works, the colored ones are pretty sweet: mmmcrafts turns two and tooth pillow for Isabelle. Thank you so much for posting the tutorial, Larissa :D

Pril and Ay

For my niece – I am a bit late with the April gift, so its two for one this round! The pattern came from FutureGirl, out of the Sasha the Seahorse pattern. Thanks again Alice!


One day Ill get to play with beads and sequins but she is still far too little so nothing but french knots and other embroidery for now. I love love love the shape of sea horses, dont ask me why. I had fun making them, but I will warn you that the adult is just a tad bit more difficult than the baby to make, since you need to combine two pre-stuffed parts (the body to the head). But if I can do it, you can too! :)

living and craft room

So I had bought a papasan rocking chair from Pier 1 for my living room, but the layout just wasnt working for me. After meddling with ideas for a few days, i finally decided to put it in the craft room. In order to do so, I had to swap it with my loveseat and coffee table. It took me a while but I finally got the living room comfortable. I have the matching loveseats in the same room for once, and set up for conversation, with the tv in the background (i couldnt even tell you the last time i have turned it on).


Putting the giant papasan chair in the craft room proved other difficulties. I reworked the layout quite a bit but only once I got my new craft table did the pieces fall together. Looking back at what the craft room use to look like and comparing it to now is amazing. It was so cramped and cluttered!

I still need to whip out some curtains for the closet and window, but tada!


The table placement is awesome because I can work from either side, and need I remind you its counter height? Love that! The papasan chair still works out for my “reading nook” and ive moved some scrapping supplies to the shelving next to it from the closet.


That has allowed the closet to be a larger sewing space, since now the ironing board can go on the shelving in there.


The set up of the last shelving is interesting to me, and my cats love the stair-stepped aspect of it. I have an office section set up where I can do all my scheduling and office-type things; my “library”; and some odds and ends storage.


And while taking these photos, I came across some items that deserve to be blogged about. First, there is this ceramic piece i made in highschool. It even has a working drawer on it ;)


Then there is this primitive doll that my friend Leslie made for me a few years ago. She used an old quilt for the dress, patched a star on it for moi, named her Estell (the meaning is “star”), and what you definitely cant tell from the photo is that she has a faint cinnamon smell. Super clever!


This little jar is one of my favorite pieces. In addition to the faces reminding me of Brian Froud‘s artwork (one of my favorite artists – youll know him as the designer of the Labyrinth film with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly), they were handmade by my late great gramma. I dont know if there is a proper name for these dolls, but they are made from hosiery and each one is definitely unique.


I also was gifted this doll, Horse Medicine Woman, for my graduation present. Mik blogged about her here and here, where the light was with her for better photos. It was her first venture for a fully beaded dress and it is stunning (yes ladies and gents, the colors of her dress are tiny little beads)!


And now i must work to deserve the itouch Boy so graciously got me for doing taxes. Bleh.

weekend crafts

In addition to finalizing everything in the newly organized craft room, I got some headway on a few things. The first bag is complete and the problem I had when I first tried to make it was what I had thought. I learned that when the lining doesnt want to match up with the outter fabric, I need to be more patient and really work at it because it will indeed align itself if I keep playing with it. Having said that, there was a small catch in this one, which made a wrinkle next to the pleat. Its okay though – the more i make, the better Ill be and I know that.


Its another buttercup bag, from Made by Rae. I modified it just slightly, by sewing it together with the handle between the inner and outter fabrics. Silly me though forgot the button detail on the front and tried to do the best I could not being able to get behind the fabric. Its all good though, it is handmade afterall.

I also whipped out the March toy for my neice, “Arch”. Another Super Cute Sea Creature from Futuregirl. I admit I chose the jellyfish this round because I could slack off a bit and pop it out real quick. But I do what i can, you know? I used glittery white felt, but you cant really see that in the photo.


I learned how to tie a Lark’s Head Knot with this pattern too, which I think will come in handy in future crafts.

I have one other bag ready to be sewn together, but I ran out of fabric for the handles, so I will have to wait for that. And then another bag almost ready to finish up. And then yet another bag that is still waiting just to be cut. With all that being said, Im surpised I even got to take my vespa out for a ride!


Here are some sneak peeks of current projects. All of these will be bags and the fabric was (mostly) chosen by the future bag owners. The patterns are cut out, but I need to start sewing the pieces together. I had a bit of a crafting lull for a while when the last bag i made just didnt turn out right. But the good news is that (i think) I know what i did wrong so hopefully it wont happen again.


I also have made more book covers and am working on the March toy for my neice (yep, im running late). I havent taken photos of those because a) the lighting is really horrendous but the weather  seems to be finally breaking so maybe that will no longer be an issue and b) i was waiting for my new craft table, which i finally got put together last night! I got it from Macys for half off, but they are already discontinuing it so good luck trying to find one.


It is awesome because its very deep, but not long enough to be too large for the room, and my favorite part – it is counter height! I could have been crafting all morning with it, but since the weather is actually nice i was cleaning out the garage and i took the girls for a stroll while i dreamed all the changes i wanted to make on the outside of the house. I might not start crafting yet still, because now the whole set up of my craft room has been upset and it needs to be reorganized. Good times!

crafty catch-up

One of the projects I made since losing my usb cable is Ruar, the Starfish. I used some gifted fabric and felt, did a little embroidery with french knots and fern stitching, and sewed and stuffed. My neice loved it, as it was small and fit in her hands and mouth:) I got the pattern from futuregirl, from her super cute sea creatures set. Since i committed myself to one toy a month for the year, you can expect to see other creatures from her set here in the future.



Another project I made was a very belated project – a purse for my sis-in-law kt. I was a little nervous at how small it came out but shes into small purses so it was a perfect choice for her afterall. Phew. I also learned how to do one of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine. I still need way more practice with that, but I was really excited about it! I got this pattern from Made By Rae. Its her internetly famous buttercup bag pattern.


I also made a a little monster for my friends daughter as a birthday present. I had fun personalizing it for her from RevoluzZza’s How to sew a RevoluzZzionary monster tutorial.


This is the first bookcover made with my new process. Im very proud of it because it has a much more quality feel to it but its just so easy. I took some pics for a tutorial, but the light was poor (much like most of my photos) so I am going to sit down tomorrow and make a better effort. Hopefully, fingers crossed, ill have the tute up soon.

bookcover_mom1 bookcover_mom2

There is still one more project to talk about, but Ill save that for tomorrow. Good night and dont forget to change your clocks!

Janu the whale

There is this cute little kid that I had promised a slew of  toys for, and she is now a whole year old! Man, how time flies. I will attempt to make her a gift every month for the year, as long as I can rack up enough sea themed goodies. It will be fun to see how much better Ill become after all the practices.

Since this is the littlest she will ever be on her birthday, I started with the largest of the sea creatures – a whale. I found the pattern over at Small Dream Factory. Its not the whale I had envisioned originally, but in the end, making a humpback whale was pretty cool. I only wish that I had enlarged the pattern a bit (the whale is only as long as my hand).


Arent you proud that I was oh so clever enough to think to stick some yarn out the top for the water spout? :) Of course, I really dig embroidery, so i just had to embellish the polka dot fabric (which, by the way, was gifted to me and has therefore a bit of an heirloom quality to it).


The pattern suggested to use felt for the eyes, but I wanted them to stick out more so I used some of grammas buttons I had left over from the baby shower. Here I ran into a problem though, as I sewed myself into a corner. The buttons were too close to the edge to use the sewing machine (OH! Did i mentioned that as part of our wedding gift, Pseudo-Mom-turned-MiL gifted me her awesome Bernina and all kinds of goodies?!?!) So i sewed what i could, and hand stitched the rest. Then i was paranoid I could never turn it, what with these giant buttons and all, but luck smiled upon me, phew!

I also was clever enough, if i must say, to add some detail on the underside. I just poked some yarn through, then went back over it with white thread to tack it down.


To top it all off, it is stuffed with some bells inside so it rattles! She loved it, however briefly that lasted, and honestly that was more than I expected. But apparently I won her with the buttons, so i will keep that little tidbit in mind!

and then the bird landed

This is a project i have been working on for a bit. I got the bird pattern from Spool Sewing.


It was very easy to piece together by hand although I altered where the opening was for the stuffing because i had chosen very thick felt to use as the fabric so i needed something larger to turn it out.


And my usual trick of using a teeny tiny crochet needle (12/1.00mm) to assist in turning out the smallest corners worked like a charm.


I also took boys suggestion and stuffed it extra full – i could have still added some in the tail area, but it was hard to do since thats where i left it open at. Originally, i thought that by using this cool fancy felt, it would be enough to have a cool fancy bird.


As it turns out, the more you work the felt, the image burnished onto it begins to fade. So my birdie was pretty blah.

I decided it would be cool to embroidery the pattern on the felt and chose black as a stark contrast to the solid red. I was excited because it really looked cool. However, the more i worked it, the pattern disappeared completely in parts, so some of the pattern was done free hand. Thats totally ok by me except i didnt really know how to tie it together. To me, it looks like a few different patterns on one bird, and I am still sorting out whether i like that look or not.



I felt that if I had continued the patterns to the bottom as well, something would be lost. So i ended the patterns at the seam line and needed to tidy it up so I chose to line the seamline with black. I think this look would equally be cool, if I had done black felt on the bottom.

I also started to trace the seam line with an actual stitch through the felt, here and there when I had extra thread but not enough to continue a pattern. At the end, i decided to use a full 6 strand rather than 3, and loop it around the stitch from the seam itself (red thread). So sometimes those two lines are separated visibly, but as my first of this kind – its awesome. :P

It took me so long because my finger was sore from pushing and pulling the needle so i took some days off between to finish. Another drawback is using white stuffing because it does get pulled out here and there and looks like cat hair (i do have cats, but i am fortunate that they dont shed much). I need to look into ways to dye stuffing. Any ideas?

stingray Feyd

Feyd is from a pattern by the Shishi Girl. And yes, I named him after Stings character in Dune.


I loved the simplicity – just cut two pieces and sew together! As my first attempt to try out the pattern before making my neice Kaia some toys, i am pretty gosh darn proud of it. Its so cute:)


I had trouble turning the tail out. And I wish I had sewed the gills, mouth, and eyes first before stitching together – the needle kept getting caught in the stray felt threads. But i think using little white sequins and tiny light blue beads for the eyes was practically ingenious.



I worked on it while the cable guy was here. He was pretty cordial. My point is, this project went by fast! I certainly suggest it for a novice.


felt_toy_stingray6 felt_toy_stingray5

Kupcake the kitten

Boys cousin Ella turned 6 and we didnt know what to get her. I had a pattern from Wee Wonderfuls that I had been wanting to try out, but i was waiting for a sewing machine. I decided not to wait, and just whip it together by hand (i need that practice anywho). Its called Pointy Kitty. Jennifer at Rawe Material pointed Wee Wonderfuls out to me, and I like a lot of their stuff. Oh, and the baby clothes quilt idea? Love.


I only had time the day of the party to make it, so no shopping for fabric. I used some left over from another project that I am working on and originally i have to say i kinda sorta hated it.


But with a few more tucks, and after adding the details, Kupcake eventually grew on me. Unfortunately, he wasnt done in time for the party, which is just as well because Ella really loved our gift of Skippy John Jones, the siamese cat who thinks he is a chihuahua.


I love how Kuppy looks animated. From different angles, he is either curious, or about to pounce, or excited for a treat, etc. Although Boy and Tofer thinks its one of the scariest toys they have ever seen, but what do they know? I think ill make some more of these and practice a bit. You can see other peoples kitties at the Pointy Kitty flickr group.


circa 2000, cont.

To continue my last posting…

Project D: Shell Frame


My best friend in highschool had invited me to go with her family to Costa Rica. My worldly tour would start there. I collected shells and sand, which is illegal probably to bring back to the States, but i was a kid at the time. At one of my sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs, I created this frame out of cardboard. It was a fun experiement to make the shape fold how I needed it to and glue it all together. I gave it to my boyfriend as a gift with a photo of my trip in it.

Project E: Flannel Bear


When I first met my boyfriend, he had leant me his very used flannel. It was my first keepsake from him so I treasured it always. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I decided to buy a pattern and turn it into a bear. The heart was an after effect – the flannel was so used that it had begun to tear in parts, so the heart was a fix. Turned out cute though. I used the tag as his back pocket, and stuffed a little hankie in there, and used the buttons as his eyes.


Had I known the material was *that* fragile, i would have lined it with something stronger, but you live and learn in the World of Craft. I later made another one of these, using green, cream, and yellow corduroy material, which I cut into squares and sewed together before cutting and sewing as the pattern said. I gave it as a gift to my friend at work for her first baby and never thought to take any photos of it. But it was cute too – I used wooden buttons for its eyes and the simplicity of it was darling.

Project F: Collage


I think this one was for my highschool senior english class – for an introduction so we could all get to know each other. I love love love collages. They are one of my favorite things. I could drag on the explanations for all the stuff on there but the highlights are: My dog Marbles, a tarantula photo (I had two growing up), my then-desire for a computer science degree, garbage pail kid card, and my old dungeon and dragons character sheet.

Still more to come!

a brother’s Story: sequel

Now that I know a little more about making the pattern for the guinea pig, I decided to make my brother’s a different way. Same idea, but instead of having a spacing piece along the top of the body, I made one for the bottom. I wasn’t exactly sure of the shape to use, so I sewed it on before I cut it. It bows out a little on the bottom, but since I didn’t stuff it completely full, I can manipulate the stuffing enough to make it sit well. The front legs aren’t separated as much as I envisioned, but its way better than the one foot-look of the original.


One small difference I made was that I sewed the bottom of the ears together and then reversed them so that only the outside of the ear, not where it attached to the face, had a rough edge of white. It also gave the ears the appearance that they were stuffed, because of the felt seam allowance left inside.

I also was able to hide my knots better because I knew what needed to be done before I sewed the whole thing shut, and I was able to hide a lot of end knots where I put the nose. I also altered the shape and size of the nose. On the original, I made the nose come down to include where the mouth is, because the pink area seems to be that way on real guinea pigs. However, it just looked odd, so on this one, I ended the nose (it was a simple triangle) and then used the pink thread to carry it down to the cute little mouth.

This little pig turned out so much better, and I can say that I am happy with all the results. Even if I was sick once while tackling it and without paying attention, had forgotten that I wanted to use white thread on the white areas, rather than the tan, and so had to remove all the stitching and start over. Yes, even if I sewed the ears on the face spot backward, and therefore the face spot itself backward, and had to remove all that stitching too. Even if.

I also added a little personal note at the bottom, a reminder to my bro, and a message that would explain why I chose a guinea pig. It reads “Now, being 30 is a story!” because a) it is his birthday gift for turning 30 and b) it was made in the likeness of his late guinea pig, Story.

a brother’s Story

So I am still looking up little patterns to help me learn sewing skills and inspire new ideas. Since most of the patterns I find for free ask not to be used on products for sale, I really need to get a grasp of how patterns are created so I can make my own. If I ever get that good, and keep the hobby up, that is.

So my bro’s birthday was coming up and I thought it would be yet another good excuse to try something. Rather prematurely (and by no fault of my own – the pattern just doesn’t exist where I can find it!) I tried to create my own pattern, loosely based on the guinea pig here. See, he had a guinea pig named Story, but she passed away long ago, so why not give him a cuddly squishy piggie in memory of her?


My first attempt worked well as far as getting the white and tan body sections, but when I pieced them together, I realized I would need a spacer for the body to make it fatter. In addition, I wanted the legs to stick out but wasn’t sure how, so I just went in with guns blazing, cut along the leg line, sewed it back shut, and was very unimpressed with the results altogether.

Undaunted, though, I am. So I continued, again, and created a spacer for the top of the pig. What I didn’t consider was creating another for the bottom. DOH! I also opted to embroidery the legs rather than try to do anything fancy with them being 3d.

I took the pattern from that website, added a tale, and cut it in half, with a slightly curved line. I made the back half out of tan, and the front out of white, and stitched each side together along the curved line.


I just kinda guessed the shape for the spacer, but I knew I wanted the head and body to be fat, whereas the middle section could come in a little. I also made it half and half.

I pinned one side to the spacer and sewed them together and repeated on the other side, then I stitched all around to sew the two sides together, leaving a big hole at the bottom – much bigger than needed for stuffing, but I wanted to keep it open to embroider the legs (I could have done that first I suppose, before any sewing had been done, but Im a noob).

When I reversed it right-side-out, it appeared that the shape of the spacer gave it more of a dog face look than a guinea pig. I was NOT going to make a third one, nor was I going to remove all of the stitching, so I kind of reshaped it by adding a seam in the middle of the head portion. It didn’t work too badly – not something I would do again. I would make sure that it was the right shape. But for the learning purposes of it here, it would suffice.

Then I stuffed it full, stitched it up, and began working on a shape for the face coloration. Once I finally got a paper version, I traced it onto the tan felt and cut away. My gramma’s borrowed buttons saved the day again, as I found two beady eyes to place (not exactly as small as I was going for, but really suited the look compared to my other options). I also used the website’s ear pattern, and sewed a tan one to a white one and attached it to the face coloration part.


Similar to the alpaca’s saddle, I sewed it onto the head. What I somehow didn’t notice was how crooked I pinned it on, but honestly I didn’t think it took too much away from it. I mean I wouldn’t sell this one, its definitely not up to par of the quality I want to churn out. But for my second softie, and my first somewhat hodgepodged pattern, Im pretty happy with the results.

I think in this example, having a spacer at the bottom might have been all it needed -not one at the top. This is a pig not meant to be viewed from the front or back (in which it looks a little creepy with only one leg)- this little pig much prefers profiles instead.


So the guinea pig I made was a hit with my friends. They suggested I added whiskers and maybe a nose. So one day I decided to test it out with just whiskers. Using the same technique with the crochet hook, I pulled the knot into the body, and used white crafting thread to make some whiskers. Then it just looked like it was noseless, so I added a little pink nose, and used pink thread to add the details. I also pulled the eyes together so they didn’t stick out all goofy like. It was okay, but I still was not in love with the way it looked. So when my pseudo nephew Cam went crazy over how it looked just like Bugsy from the new movie Bedtime Story, and he asked if I could make him one, I just gave him that one. He was really happy and told me it meant a lot to him. How sweet!


Nick the alpaca

I do not actually know how I found the alpaca pattern, but it sure was an exciting find! Shishi Girl has the pattern up for free download. Although I have a ton of projects that I need to be working on, this one flew to the top of the list. It was perfect for my friend’s birthday. I met her during my bioarchaeology field school in Peru in 2007 and not only did we eat alpacas (a taste for me, no more!) but she has one as a pet. (If you are curious, it reminded me of steak flavor but with pork chop texture.)


Itwas my very first attempt at a “Softie”. But considering my large project for my niece Kaia (who incidentally was born on 1/30, yay!), I need to practice. People my age would set softies up on a shelf but little miss Kaia might find it appropriate to chew and squish and who knows what else with them so they need to be made very well.

The pattern was very easy to follow. In fact, there are only 3 parts to it – a side (cut twice), the top of the head, and the belly. I was in such a hurry to churn this out and see how it worked that I didn’t wait to buy a fabric marker (I must have given the one I had back to the person I borrowed it from). I didn’t think it would be a problem to mark it in ink, but sure enough, there is a small spot on the face, of all places, that you can see it. Darn.

For it being my very first stuffed toy, I am pretty gosh darn proud how it turned out. I was careful with my measurements and so there’s really no weird pokey places where I was off on the seam allowance from one piece to the next. I stitched it together by hand, and you can see some of the stitching but I don’t think that it bothers me. I think it adds to the hand-sewn look.

I really didn’t know how she did the bridle so I studied the image and decided to just try it. Something like that would leave a big knot so I used a teeny tiny crochet needle and poked it through from the opposite side of the head, in the stitch line. Then I grabbed the knot and carefully pulled it into the toy and worked the crochet needle back out. It seemed to have worked pretty well. Then I just looped it around the nose, poked it through to the other side and up and over the head and back into the alpaca. I made a knot and again worked it back into the animal with the crochet needle. Then I tied the reins around it, like in the picture.


The saddle was not included in the pattern, though the picture shows one. I just cut a piece of paper out and kept shaping it (folded in half) until I had the look I want and then cut the felt out with it. I beaded the blue felt first and then attached it to the black. Then I sewed it on to the body, hiding the knots underneath.


The drawback to this for me was that perhaps I went too little for my first toy. I had a really hard time reversing to right side out with the ears and tail. I also had a hard time stuffing the ears. Although I should mention that I decided to leave the needle in when I reversed it (and I did clip the seam allowance all the way around). I started with the tail on one side and went up to the chest and knotted. Then I repeated for the other side and continued up to the head pieces going to the stuffing gap and back around to the finish the head and knotted. Then I sewed from the tail up the back to the stuffing gap and rather than knotting it like I know I would have done years ago, I left it there. This allowed me to stretch the gap open a little further, but not have such a wide spot to sew from the right side. My stitches were ugly, but I knew I was hiding it with a saddle. But the worse part about it, that you may have noticed, is that he is a little crooked. Once I started sewing the saddle on, it pulled it to one side and I couldn’t stretch it enough to even it out. And his head is just a little bit off (we call it the Taco-Neck syndrome;).


I do have to say that I totally enjoyed it though, and cannot wait to do another! When I went out to pick up more supplies, I also grabbed some fat quarters, so I can’t wait to try it out with fabric and a sewing machine (that I currently do not have, poo). In fact, Shishi Girl offers a sting ray pattern – Kaia’s playset will be killer!