Needlepoint: Rosalie V

I finally finished my first needlepoint project – the letter V designed by Rosalie; I last left off about this project here.

That last post shows that I fused interfacing to the back, so that I could cut out the needlepoint with less anxiety. I also dabbed a small amount of fray-check all along the perimeter just to be sure. Then, I painted the wooden plaque white and glued the two together.

rosalie needlepoint

I had several ideas of how to finish off the needlepoint piece, but almost immediately and somewhat aggressively, I just had to try copper. I purchased a roll of stain glass foil tape. I admit that I had no idea what I was doing, but I think it turned out wonderfully!

I suspect that over time, the glue will degrade and I will need to find teeny tiny nails (which so happens to be the real plan, but I gave up looking fairly easily). It will a good reason to revisit needlepoint – until then I think I will stick to surface embroidery:)