Library Updates

Just a quick note about some changes I made in the Library.

First, I added a gallery of my favorite projects as well as popular posts (now that I am beginning to understand how to read google analytics). I think it would be helpful for new visitors to see easily if my little corner of the internet would be interesting enough to follow. Hey – I’m a realist, ok?

I marked Recipes as “archived”. Who am I kidding? Recipes, ha! I don’t cook. I lucked out in my choice of life partner for that;) 

I also tentatively marked Games as “archived” because although I still play them, I just haven’t posted about them. Which is a little ironic because one of my biggest all-time pages is my review for Arkham Horror. Seems like there is an interest in board game reviews by ordinary people. I might come back to it – I do still try to take photos of each new game I play for this very purpose. So, time will tell for that.

As far as Links, I last updated it in 2015. I need to remove the abandoned sites and add the few I’ve found since. I currently follow exactly 100 people through Feedly – but even some of them have bailed so before I just copy them to the Library, I want to sort through them all. I’ll get around to it… some day. It’s a good day in my feedly app if I have more than two posts to look at. My, how times have changed! Where did all the bloggers go? :(

So, on that note, could you do me a favor? Do you blog? Are there blogs out there that you adore for crafty pleasures? Please share them with me!!

2 thoughts

  1. yes! There are loads of us still out there! I think it’s changed, there are a lot less quilting bloggers but I’ve discovered so many newish bloggers over the past few months, it’s growing again… you just have to search!

    • Wendy, I agree – it has changed tremendously but I do know people are still out there – you and me are examples! I just need to sit down with my feedly list and update my site here. But that isn’t as much fun as crafting;)

      I love your recent cement project – I never would have thought to use something like flannel to get that organic shape!

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