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a decade of the Crafties

Ten years ago today, I pushed publish on this blog. You can see that first posting here. Of course, my site has undergone several visual changes, and I didn’t really know the direction my crafts would take, but the main goal still satisfies: simply to record. Most people take this time of year to showcase […]

Library Updates

Just a quick note about some changes I made in the Library. First, I added a gallery of my favorite projects as well as popular posts (now that I am beginning to understand how to read google analytics). I think it would be helpful for new visitors to see easily if my little corner of the […]

Site: photos corrected

Whew, it has been a long weekend, but I finally corrected all the old photos on this site! I was originally hosted them through me.com but then Apple changed it to iCloud and I was not interested in continuing my service there. I then began storing them through wordpress but never took the time to […]

back in action!

Ok, ok, so this new site design wasn’t ready by January. Who knew my new job as an adjunct would be so hectic? (Yeah, I’ve been teaching college.) Or Boy’s company would sap all of his time and energy? (Who wants to do work at home?) I’m not upset about it. A lot of life […]

Working on it!

I have the new site fully designed and I created the CSS for it, with a pseudo run of HTML (basically, everything but the PHP that actually would make it work). Alas, that last bit does require the help of Boy if I want it done any time soon (can’t really spend more time learning […]


As my first entry, I should probably explain what the goal is here, eh? I like being crafty and decided to make a record of my doodads, with links to the main materials I used or places of inspiration (fellow crafters, buildings that inspire me, ancient art, etc). I hope to also include basic explanations […]