Colored Pencil Techniques 3

Class 3 taught us a little more practice in blending. Tonight we chose a light color and paired it with a darker color. The goal was simply to work on smooth blending from dark shade to light.

Here is a steady yellow layered by a fading orange.

And here is a steady light purple layered by a brownish red.

Then we were given this photocopy of Tom’s work to mimic. I felt better about this than I did the pumpkin pepper from last week – I think because there were clearer color variations that also matched pretty well with my colored pencils. Or, maybe I am just getting the swing of things. But either way, I went undaunted.

I sketched my pear, then added my colors. I was a little frustrated with getting it to look realistic but then Tom suggested I use baby oil. Honestly, I don’t think I’d be enjoying colored pencils as much as I am without this tip. Instantly, my image came to life. I do wish we had more time in class because I wasn’t finished and hurried through to pretend I was once I realized the time.

Not perfect, but with only 4.5 hours invested so far total in colored pencils, I’d say pretty darn stellar!

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