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I took some photography classes as an undergrad and it was a lot of fun. [Youd think i would be able to take better photos but for some reason photography makes sense to me on paper but not when its time to actually execute it. (I think i dont have the patience to care enough more than a point and click.)] One of the things we did was hand color our black and white prints. Here is my Mii character, part of the self-portrait series we made:


I entered an art show with three of my favorite pieces. The photos were close-ups of this really organic chinese dragon statue i was given (it was made from that pale soft green stone that glows in the dark – really cool lighting effects). I turned the close-ups into creatures – a cat peeping out of a tunnel, a little sweet baby elephant, and an underwater creature of an unknown species.


Sadly, I do not have a copy of those (if only i had taken a scan of them first!) because happily they were bought at the show for the insurance price that I tagged on there. Here i was thinking “nobody would pay this amount, so i will be safe!” and instead somebody did :| Thus far, that has been the only thing I can remember selling but 200$ for three prints was a pretty sweetastic deal, I must say! :) These are the other prints, some just used to understand how the chemical and coloring worked out. The first four are from the dragon.


This one was a close up of the beard of my yard gnome, Samson M. Nite (Samson is hiding out in the rain and leaves so there isnt a photo of him, sorry).


A realistic photo of a street lamp.


And a close up of a candle lantern in the shape of a fish (the lantern has long ago been gifted to goodwill so no photo).


Have you ever worked with film photography?

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