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scrapping Peru again!

I churned out a page for my Peru album. I really want to see this project finished – I went there in 2007! The blank space will hold a short snippet about the bioarchaeology field school (which was conducted in the tent in the small center photo). Though this was the purpose of my going […]

Springish cleaning

I’ve been putting my craft room through an overhaul recently. It might be a subconscious thing that I wish it were spring so if I start cleaning, maybe the weather will warm up? Blue skies will return? No? Well, I tried. So, my closet was a disaster – fabrics stuffed all over the place, wrinkled […]

Scrapping Peru

Not only did I finish my pillow, but I finally, finally, finally tackled the scrapbook layout from my Peru fieldschool that has been sitting in a closet for literally years (I mean, the trip alone was in 2007!!). These pages are from my excursion to the Museo de la Nacion (the National Museum). The blank […]

Not there yet but

Boy hasn’t had much of a chance to help me with the parts of the website puzzle I am too newb to figure out. He was looking in to it tonight, and then realized that there must have been a security hole as something odd appeared and now he is working on that…silly hackers. The […]

Scrap: sumo party

This is one of my least favorite layouts and I even used *construction paper*. I know, right? It’s probably acidic and all that, but it’s part and parcel to learning a craft. Mess-ups will happen and I’m curious to see how it will play out over the years so I’ll let it be. In a […]

Scrap: Mazda Rev It Up

I’ve reclaimed most of my house (and all of my craftroom!) from the kitchen remodel so I thought I should finally post about my scrapbook adventures. When I scrap, I usually have four categories I use to create the layout: 1) paper and embellishments (stickers, tags, clips, etc); 2) photos (left as original, cropped for […]

baby on the way

So I’ll be getting a pseudo-niece, as I like to call her (I’m not married into the family quite yet). I know I want to make her a killer blanket, and I’ve been tossing around the ideas of themes and possibilities and I think it will be a floor blanket, with detachable toys. She doesn’t […]