tracys bag

I got lots of compliments on my newest go-bag, and a couple of requests. Tracy bought the fabric needed for the Penelope Tote from ISLY. She fell in love with the print and matched the green for the outside. She also asked that I do a “window” with her favorite piece of the pattern, and a few other custom ideas.

She prefers long straps, so that was an easy twist to the pattern. But, I am new at this right? So of course when she had requested some adjustments I didnt make the appropriate adjustments to the amount of fabric needed. The straps are pieced together, but she didnt mind.


She also wanted a divider in the purse, along with the cool pockets. It is not as stiff as I had envisioned, so its a little wonky, but for my first try, I understood what I was going to need to do to make up for that (so its not as wonky as it could have been)….I just didnt do it well enough;) But once stuff gets put in there, it will be fine.


She has space for her wallet and checkbook, some odds and ends, and a special pocket for her music device. The divider makes two sections, and then on one side are two large pockets, and the other has 2 medium and a small one in the middle.


Like my bag’s window, I used fray check to make sure it would be a clean cut. Hers needed a little something extra though, so I framed it with brown stitching using my machine (a squished small zigzag stitch). I was kinda excited to do that but I am more excited to finally give it to her:)


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