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Organization overhaul

Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to inherit so many crafting things. Add to that all the things I was also fortunate enough to budget for, and it became a lot! I try to confine everything into my craft room closet, but that became a messy hoard that turned me off from crafting. […]

goodbye ugly house

If you’ve been following for a while, you know we have done some updating in the interior of our house (paint, light fixtures, laundry room makeover, entire kitchen renovation, etc.). Well, it is finally time to get the trashy-looking outside bright and happy. We qualified for a rehabilitation loan through the county, which has made […]

Springish cleaning

I’ve been putting my craft room through an overhaul recently. It might be a subconscious thing that I wish it were spring so if I start cleaning, maybe the weather will warm up? Blue skies will return? No? Well, I tried. So, my closet was a disaster – fabrics stuffed all over the place, wrinkled […]

things in the kitchen

Our kitchen and dining room are not finished, but here are some little peeks: I am looking after my grandmother’s trinkets for her (she had to move to an assisted living situation due to Alzheimer’s). I added a few of my own in there – a koopa troopa, a hei teki ornament, a three legged […]

Laundry room finished

Gosh, this happened years ago. But, delayed posts is what you get when you quit blogging to go back to school, eh? Anyways, I do not have an original before photo. The best I have is this, when the drywall was getting removed. Here is the “final” product. We used wood panelling (painted yellow) instead of […]

dining room remodel

Our kitchen/dining room remodel was such a huge project, but it has come along quite nicely. I realized I never posted what things look like now, so here you go. First, a quick review of its history starting with how it looked just before we moved in: And then of course, we went through this […]

crazy quilt displayed

My family (mostly my aunt, but also my mom and grammas) made me a crazy quilt when I graduated highschool. It is one of my most treasured possessions. When I lived at my condo, it was displayed prominently above my couch in the living room. This house, however, does not have a lot of wall […]

painting a striped wall

My craft room has come a long way, just as my crafting skills have. Over the years, I have purged a lot of stuff I had collected, moved out some of the furniture to other rooms, and I wanted to give it a make-over but still keep my awesome striped wall. I was never in […]

House stuff

Our old front door had a huge gap all the way around it. I mean seriously, that’s where most of the bugs and critters were probably coming from (not to mention where all the heat and air were going to). We found a perfect front door, but since our circumstances have changed (I will explain […]


We had a really rough storm blow through when we got back from NYC. Our house wasn’t attacked by Mother Nature as much as other people I know, but we did have a pretty sizeable amount of limbs to pick up. (Other people were without power for a few days, or had many full sized […]

kitchen showtime

Sorry for the long wait – life just keeps getting in the way. Our kitchen still needs quite a bit done but oh how I LOVE it and will now forever need to upgrade kitchens in future houses. Kind of a curse, that. I had hoped Boy could take some awesome photos with his wide […]

kitchen progress

Ah ha! I was not home when the counter top people came, and what serendipity that the appliances were delivered the same day?! Tofer sent us these pics with his phone. I’ll take a nicer photo once everything is put away and all the appliances are installed. It will be so good to finally have […]

kitchen install

Our cabinets are installed! They are beautiful and really look awesome with the flooring. Phew! We hired Clay through my friend Angela and he did an amazing job. I mean really, even after we did everything to level the floors and the contractor leveled the ceiling, things were still incredibly wonky. I haven’t taken a […]

kitchen weekend progress

We had two major tasks ahead of us this weekend. Laying the floor and getting the pantry upright. Both were very time consuming. The floor isn’t finished in the front room yet but it is done in the kitchen and looks great! It is very slow-going, however. There are five different patterns without any instructions […]

room full of cabinets!

I wish I could say that it was a kitchen full of cabinets but we are not quite there yet. They are Kraftmaid, which we ordered through Lowes. Maple wood construction, “Hanover” style, rye stain with a sable glaze – I personally think they are beautiful. We got the whisper quiet drawers and cabinets and […]

kitchen remodel progress

Our kitchen has come along quite a ways! We made the final decisions and ordered the cabinets. They are due the first week of March. Here is the progress in photos: Old linen closet, that wasn’t deep enough for a folded towel and only irked me day after day: Newly drywalled built in book case […]

house and games

The contractor came on wednesday, yay! It didnt take nearly as long as we all expected because the work he thought he was going to have to do had actually already been done (installing a new header for the load-bearing wall). The guys just ripped out the parts i didnt want and whipped out a […]

remodel 102

Another non-crafty post, I know, but when your house is in shambles, its a bit difficult to feel creative. Remember i said that one idea will open a can of worms? Yeah… My idea was to remove a wall in the front room, opening up two doorways. The contractor is working with us to save […]

remodel 101

At least in my experience…. 1. You will fail to get Before Photos more often than not. This is the best I had of the dungeon-like laundry closet. Tof already removed the drywall so he could begin updating the copper pipes and make them hidden behind panelling rather than exposed like they were. Boy has […]


Just a thought, but maybe i should rename my blog to “Spiders I Find in my Bed While Sleeping” or something. :/ I would have had a better photo but it was one of them super duper fast ones so theres no way i was removing the glass for a better shot until we were […]


I dont think i ever mentioned that we did some gutter work. We had some trees up in there so thats all gone and I have noticed a tremendous dent in the mosquito population! Phew! We also recently visited where I use to live and made pickles with my gramma. She had a lot picked […]


Here are some sneak peeks of current projects. All of these will be bags and the fabric was (mostly) chosen by the future bag owners. The patterns are cut out, but I need to start sewing the pieces together. I had a bit of a crafting lull for a while when the last bag i […]

craft room

One of the projects that has taken my time for the last few months is my craft room. First, it needed paint. Then we had to get some storage furniture in there (it is from the EXPEDIT collection at Ikea). Then it became the catch all room, to stuff things from our move. So it […]

our new house

So a quick post. I know i owe you lots about france, but to be honest I am holding off on posting about it until i have these announcement/thank you cards made and sent out. I hadnt thought they would take this long. In fact, they were spose to be ready by Thanksgiving….but i forgive […]

its about time

Now that I have finally been able to catch up on emails, I hope to start sorting through our France photos. I have been quite the busy bee at my new house also – the craft room is almost complete. I need one more organization unit and then everything will have a place! The living […]

and so its begun

Im selling my condo, yay! The downside to that is that the closing date is just after our return from France. So, minus those two weeks, I only had this last weekend and this upcoming weekend to move. The future house is not ready for us, as far as painting and such goes. So…that being […]

future house

So, another weekend piddled away with zero crafts to show for it. This weekend was spent doing a lot of cleaning at the future house. We were able to clear out the front bedroom totally, which is going to be my new craftroom, yay! This is what i get to work with: It comes with built […]