Woolly worm on a leaf

At one of my guild meetings, I picked up a small dimensional embroidery kit by A Candle In The Cellar, aptly named “woolly worm on a leaf”. I put it away for a time because at a glance, it looked like it used bullion knots to make the worm and I wanted more practice since the threads in the kit are specialty (EdMar’s Iris and Bouclé). But, when digging through my stash for a small project, I read the directions and actually this only involved wrapping threads around a straight stitch – not bullion knots!

The pattern asks to sew the leaf to a piece of fabric in a hoop, but I wanted this to stand on its own. I used floral wire and there was enough felt to cut out a second leaf to hide all the knots between. Doing the feather stitch on the leaf without a ground fabric was a bit tricky, but when I whip stitched the two leaves together in a matching green thread, I was able to anchor the feather stitch in place for the most part.

It was a little fiddly because it is quite tiny, as you can see with my cat Maya for scale (she was very interested in this little bug!), but I am happy with it!

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