WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 20

Time travel is great, no? So anyways, I didn’t actually get this posted last week but I also didn’t get much crafting done.

I worked more of the satin stitch on my latest TAST pennant; just a few leaves to go. I am also at the point of deciding if I want to dedicate a whole pennant to the week’s TAST challenge (Crossed Buttonhole Stitch) or squeeze a few of the variations on this one. Hem haw, hem haw.

The reason my posts have been delayed here lately is because I’ve been redirecting my brain to other projects.

First up, I am preparing for a month or three of student supervision on a field project (more on that will occur over at my anthropology blog). Some refreshing of my studies is in order! And, no, that is not a real skeleton. It is quite garbage as far as what I would like to have, actually, being made of heavy plastic with quite laughable “detail”, but it gets the job done just enough to help me visualize what should be there most of the time. It certainly saved me in the beginning of my graduate class, when I couldn’t even tell a femur from a humerus!

Second, Boy decided it is high time we have a deck so much research in design and construction has been had. (I lost the debate on finishing the inside of the house first simply because my wallet is much less power-wielding than his, ha!) We’ve got the concrete foundations set so far. You can see Boy’s handiwork here in hot pink, snuck in between the workers drilling holes.


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