WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 18

Time traveling, here! I made progress on my rice stitch sampler for TAST, though it was late and I messed up on my argyle sock so I need to pick out some of it and start again.

I made progress on my quilt, also. I have most of the bits fused on, though I have to say this will likely be the last time I try fused appliqué. Though I followed directions, much of it is coming off and will have to be sewn down anyway. It is quite frustrating, but since the quilt is for me and mine, I don’t mind it so much. However it turns out, it will suit the purpose of keeping us warm! I started embroidering the quilt too – and adding beads – knowing it will pretty much mean I have to hand quilt it. I may end up just tacking it, we will see.

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  1. I think you have to use a particular kind of fusible web to make it permanent – there is a kind you can use on T-shirts etc. Generally, it does need sewing down. I use it as a kind of glue, to hold stuff in place, then sew.

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