Scarf Mouse Sold

Remember these very nice mice, made with Ann Wood’s pattern? I had given three total to a shopkeep down the hall from the candy store. They were my “practice” ones before making my friend an ornament. She notified me yesterday that someone bought this little dude:

So that’s that! My first craft sale ever! The customer who bought it popped into the candy shop and we chatted for a while (I hadn’t known then, though). So, I know that this little mouse is dressed well for its new home in Seattle.

I keep meaning to make new mice for her shop, with the lessons I learned (the ornament turned out quite nicely!), but I haven’t yet. I am still very much on the fence about “making something strictly to sell it”. I want to test those waters someday, maybe, but I also don’t want to turn my stress-reducing hobby into a stress-creating venture. You get me?