Scrap: sumo party

This is one of my least favorite layouts and I even used *construction paper*. I know, right? It’s probably acidic and all that, but it’s part and parcel to learning a craft. Mess-ups will happen and I’m curious to see how it will play out over the years so I’ll let it be. In a day and age where all my photos are stored electronically, the fear of losing them to yellowing and such is not mission critical, but maybe that’s just me. I do have a Krylon spray called ” Make It Acid-Free!” which I will use on any new pages I make – that will be really helpful since now I like to stuff all kinds of brochures and maps on my pages.
Sumo PartyAnyway, I put together a surprise party for Boy’s 22nd birthday. I rented Sumo Wrestling suits so we could have hilarious wrestling matches and bought a giant gong from Pier 1. It was a beautiful day and I tricked him completely by having two friends play along (we were “dropping Bob off to a family reunion at the park”). I invited lots of people that he hadn’t seen in long time and had plenty of food available (I even made a sheep cake for fun!). Boy’s friend Doug did all the grilling for us. Several people wrestled more than once but to be honest, wearing the suit for one round was enough of a workout for me! I mean, just getting up off the mat was a chore – those suckers are heavy!
Sumo PartyBoy had some Japanese fans which I used as a background also. This spread is pretty basic – no mementos except the party flyer, and some photos. Once upon a time, I knew some Japanese, but I couldn’t tell you what is written now. Any ideas?
Sumo Party

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