So there i was, straightening my sheets the other day and as I flipped the top sheet over to tug the bottom one, I was greeted by this huge monster.


Perhaps he wasnt as mammoth as I had originally thought, but mind you *i was just in the bed*. Literally, like 60 seconds before and it was found right where i lay. He was just shy of a quarter in size. After about an hour search (seriously, what took me so long??) i discovered it is a Parson spider, and although not poisonous, people can have reactions. Hooray.

Its their world too you know. I almost never kills bugs (mosquitos are the only exception). I put him outside so, you know… he can come right back in. But hey, it was raining so i didnt want to go far:P I like to live dangerously.

The other surprise is that I whipped out this glasses case for my MIL. It was a very simple project but i didnt truly follow the directions as you can see from the design. But you can follow them here, from Design Sponge. She always has reading glasses laying around so I thought this would suit her. It is also the first time i got to use the button elevator tool she gave me – very handy indeed!


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  1. Of course you know some of this already….White sheets, light colored blankets, bed check before hitting the hay. I also stay away from bed skirts. Just gives those creepy crawlies something to crawl up. I flush all my spiders if I can catch them also. No Mercy!!!!!

  2. Oh that glasses case is so cute! Very pretty colours.

    I don’t know how big your quarters are exactly, but whatever the size I don’t like the look of those fangs. Eek! So nice of you to put him outside! I’m afraid I generally squash spiders, if they’re inside the house. Hey, I don’t go and curl up in their spider web and call it my own! :) Spiders are the size of a CD a lot of the time, so if I let them all in the house they’d take up far too much room!

  3. Yes – with all the rain the critters are coming in to the dry – Surprised that the girls didn’t find it and take care of it. Grandma F’s cat Mittens loves to play with critters like that.

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