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Safe & Sound

Heyo, just a quick note to say I am back from my epic travels. We began in Portugal; then hopped down to Africa to see Mozambique; drove through South Africa, Eswatini (Swaziland), Lesotho, Namibia, and Botswana; then bussed and trained through Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania, before I had a long layover in Dubai on my […]

Another trip south

I have been crafting a quilt for my nephew (he is graduating high school already!), which you will see if it does not shame me by the time I am finished since it is the first non-rag quilt, and it is quite large, and I made up the pattern myself, and, and, and… However, I […]

backpacking Peru 2015

Hola! So, my world-touring brother lost his gear and “hired” me as a courier to bring him replacements. He didn’t have the decency to lose his stuff somewhere I hadn’t been to before, but that was quite alright because I loved Peru the first time and I was quite excited to go back! I have […]

Peru, again!

Just a quick note that I will be joining my brother in Peru for 20 days. I leave on Thursday. I am both excited and apprehensive of what he has in store for me. See, some of his gear is lost and it is quicker to fly me in with replacements than going through customs […]

Scrapping Peru

Not only did I finish my pillow, but I finally, finally, finally tackled the scrapbook layout from my Peru fieldschool that has been sitting in a closet for literally years (I mean, the trip alone was in 2007!!). These pages are from my excursion to the Museo de la Nacion (the National Museum). The blank […]

2005 Las Vegas

I thought I would carry on the theme of long-ago trips since there are more photos to spare. In 2005, we went to Vegas for Boy’s sister’s 21st birthday. It was another weekend expedition. The family met up with my mother-in-law’s good friend Denise who lives in California. Boy and I quickly learned that we […]

our first anni:)

#1 = 09/09/2010 A bit late in coming, as this happened in September. We stayed mostly at my aunt and uncles cabin in northern michigan (thank you Judy and Bill:D:D:D), visited sault st marie for a train ride in canada, and ventured around the UP a bit. It was incredibly relaxing – Boy even felt […]

france: friday 091809

We had breakfast at the hotel in Palavas – see what I mean about it being sheik? :) Then, we headed out to Nimes, one of the great cities of ancient roman architecture. Unfortunately for us, there was a festival about to begin. The Maison Caree looked under construction, not to mention a stage with […]

france: thursday 091709

This day was the day we made up for missing Carcassonne. We were in the heart of Cathar Country – it is named so after a kind of inquisition period, where the Cathari religion was being exterminated. (Interestingly, the phrase “Kill them all, God will know his own” is traced back to this period.) The […]

france: sunday 091309

In the morning, we stopped at the Monkey Forest, where we had croque monsieurs for breakfast and then hand fed popcorn to Barbary Apes (which are actually macaque monkeys, not apes – yes there is a difference!). I can now check off something on my ToDoBeforeIDie List – i met a primate! Several in fact, […]

france: saturday 091209

After our wedding, we drove to the Chateau de la Treyne, on the Dordogne River – another breathtaking place. This day included a pre-breakfast breakfast (with strawberry juice!!), a hot air balloon ride at Rocamadour, breakfast (with kiwis and personal quiches!), walking around the chateau’s grounds, and a gastronomic dinner that is not possible to […]

france: friday 091109 v2

We want to share with everyone a special thank you for: Joi Mahon, at DressFormsDesign for helping me pull together ideas and designing my gown and boys suit. And for introducing me to Megan. Megan, at PrincessLasertron for creating an awesome corsage and boutonniere, and for inspiring Ruthy. Most importantly though, for inspiring me to make this […]

france: friday 091109 v1

Okay, okay. These upcoming post have been delayed an unreasonably long time. But without further adieu….This is the day we got married! (Well, as you would have read before, we were legally married on the 9th, but had our symbolic ceremony on the 11th.) Originally, I tried to coordinate everything myself, but I ended up hiring a […]

nyny day 6 and 7

DAY 6 In the morning, my brother had to run an errand, so I stopped at the Young Designer Market, which was literally like 3 doors down from his apartment (as was a big group of graffiti). No photos were allowed, but I saw a lot of cool things. He was right – it was […]

nyny day 5

We got going super late today – i slept in, spent some time doing nothing, and then got a very important call from….my realtor! The last showing I had, on friday, enticed someone to make me an offer. It was a little lower than I wanted, so we decided to counter and see what happened, […]

nyny day 4

This didnt actually occur in New York. A few years back, i met a chica named Ruthy on my fieldschool in Peru. She happens to live in New Jersey so we coordinated a day during my trip here to get together. Carrie took me on the subway early in the morning on her way to […]

nyny day 3

My brother had an appt so luckily it was right next to Central Park. I explored there for a bit while he was busy. After his appt, we wandered through the park to get to some other area of New York. Here are some random photos from the park: So on this day, I walked through […]

nyny day 2

Bro and I walked around Nolita in the daytime so I could see it better, and stopped over at SoHo (South of Houston – pronounced “House-ton”, not like the Texan city). One of the places we stopped at was The Evolution Store – it was really cool, but I dont know how I feel about […]

nyny day 1

I have this teeny weeny laptop boy sent with me, rather than my macbook. It is a lenovo s10, and althrough he really likes it, and it fit better in my carry-on, i kinda sorta hate it. So bear with me if I dont keep you up to date as much as i had hoped. […]

france itinerary

Today, I called the country of France. I have to do this several other times, all for reserving the hotel rooms, but it was probably one of the most stressful things I have done. (Kudos to Vonage for giving us free Europe calls;) I intended on speaking French and seeing how far I got, and […]


I have no crafts to speak of, nor photos to share, but after much delay in deciding our france trip, we have finally committed. Our tickets were quite a bit more than originally budgeted for, but I hope to pick up an extra hour here and there at work before we fly. We leave September […]