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PBN Totoro 2

I’ve made slow progress on my totoro paint-by-numbers project but here is the latest report (see where I began here). Session 4: More layers of white, orange, red, and yellow green, plus the darker yellow-green. Session 5: Still more layers of the all the colors and the flower stem green. Not very exciting, but it […]

PBN Totoro 1

I’ve been quiet ’round these parts because I have been working furiously behind the scenes on a project that I hope you will see soon. Meanwhile, we are all enduring COVID-19 in various ways. I hope everyone is adjusting fine, is staying healthy, and is convincing their social circles the importance of social distancing. As […]

Acrylic paint workshop

My sister-in-law and I signed up for a super cheap 2-hour acrylic paint workshop at the local library today. We weren’t sure what to expect other than the theme was a winter scene. The artist, Tom, was super nice. As we waited for our layers to dry, he showed us images of some of his […]

Railbirds Paint-by-Numbers

In January, I stopped by a shop to find a puzzle. The employee suggested checking out their paint-by-numbers, which I did. My gramma always had them laying around when I was growing up so it reminded me of her. Why not? I’ve never really painted, but 2017 was to be a year of artistic creation, […]

Watercolor and acrylics

My sister-in-law brought over some paints and water coloring books recently. Since I was little, I’ve always found watercoloring frustrating. The paper never holds up; the colors never mix right. Needless to say, it is not my forte. But, it is a fun way to pass the time, so I tried my hand at it. […]

Laundry room finished

Gosh, this happened years ago. But, delayed posts is what you get when you quit blogging to go back to school, eh? Anyways, I do not have an original before photo. The best I have is this, when the drywall was getting removed. Here is the “final” product. We used wood panelling (painted yellow) instead of […]

dining room remodel

Our kitchen/dining room remodel was such a huge project, but it has come along quite nicely. I realized I never posted what things look like now, so here you go. First, a quick review of its history starting with how it looked just before we moved in: And then of course, we went through this […]

crazy quilt displayed

My family (mostly my aunt, but also my mom and grammas) made me a crazy quilt when I graduated highschool. It is one of my most treasured possessions. When I lived at my condo, it was displayed prominently above my couch in the living room. This house, however, does not have a lot of wall […]

painting a striped wall

My craft room has come a long way, just as my crafting skills have. Over the years, I have purged a lot of stuff I had collected, moved out some of the furniture to other rooms, and I wanted to give it a make-over but still keep my awesome striped wall. I was never in […]

circa 2000, end

And the finale from the last postings… Project G: Bottled Stars When Snapple first came out, i loved the shape of the bottle. I was also into making oragami stars at one of my other sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs. I simply painted the bottle and filled it to the brim. Don’t ask me why. Project H: Link, our […]