Shawkl’s ICQC 103 Embroidered M

The lessons for this segment of the intermediate crazy quilt course (ICQC) involve working monograms in a few different styles. The first task is using embroidery. I wanted to challenge myself, of course, so I didn’t just use basic stitches. There is nothing fancy here, but it was a good practice for techniques I have only barely tried before.

To make the letter, I used some twine/cord and couched it using the satin stitch. The other rarely-used-by-me technique I employed was putting a felt disk underneath the large flower to pop it up a bit.

If you are wondering why “M”, well, once I saw this style (Kathy calls it Sun Daisy), the M looked like it had little cat ears so I immediately thought of Maya. Because of the cord and my skill level, mine doesn’t have the pointy look of ears as much, but I still like how it turned out!

And I can’t do one cat without the other, so you’ll definitely see an S coming up ?