Shawkl’s ICQC 103 Beaded S

The second task in the monogram lesson was to make a beaded letter. I felt I was going to not have enough beads, so I opted to use a stem stitch in a large perle cotton as fill. I rather like the texture combination! I hadn’t done any true beading work before, so getting the practice to use the backstitch method was nice. To fancy it up a bit more than a plain ole S, I added a little resin rose and a leaf sequin.

So, yes, “S” for my dear Sasha cat. I just didn’t want to make three monograms all about me, so I figured my cats could qualify (see Maya’s here)! At first I was opposed to the idea because my furry lumps won’t be around forever, but then my MIL pointed out that that is exactly a good reason to stitch them something special!

Since I have already done two variations of the letter “R” for me (see here and here), I’ve come up with two options. I may try to make a less feminine letter for Boy, though the ideas I have for him don’t really jive with the rest of the blocks I’ve made. Or, I may use my last initial for the third task. I’m still thinking about this one!

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