Shawkl’s ICQC 103 Basic Story

My next intermediate crazy quilt class task was to take a basic embroidery motif and then add elements to place the image into a story of sorts. I chose to use a historic cross-stitch rabbit motif graphed by Kim at String-or-Nothing, by using waste canvas.

I had this idea to mix cross-stitch with ribbon, so the bow accent came to me first. However, this didn’t really tell a story, so I added grass and a flower stem out of ribbon as well. I sat on finishing this for a day because I couldn’t tell what kind of flower to make. I finally decided to try a pompom flower, and I can’t complain. I like the mixed texture between the Mouliné Étoile cross-stitch, the delicate silk ribbon accents, and the comparably more fibrous perle cotton.

My little pet bunny is hopping around the yard, pleased as can be :)