Shawkl’s ICQC 103 trees

As you know, I’m taking my third crazy quilt course offered for free by Kathy at Shawkl Designs. My first tasks were to embroider two trees using different methods.

The first method was new to me, twisting threads and couching them down, plunging them through the ground fabric at different heights to thin the branches. While it was a little tedious and slow going, I love the result! I can also see applying this method to making a river delta scene, or blood vessels, or just scroll work in general. Super neat!

For the second tree, I chose to use split stitch for the trunk and stacked fly stitches for the leaves.

Kathy supplied the pattern for the hexagon blocks – I have several sewn up to practice what is ahead in class. Super excited to see how it will all come together!