WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 8

First up, I have not progressed any on my ribbon embroidery. Boy’s got me pretty busy up at the office, and as I may have mentioned, it requires a hoop stand to do it properly. Not only that, but I had a lot of drawings to catch up on for my 100 Day Project, and I started a colored pencil course. I’ve also been planning a baby shower and getting the quilt ready. Add to that my cat woes, and I just haven’t had much other free time. (Maya has a secondary infection and is now getting medicated for that to help her feel better and to eat more.)

I did knock out a portion of TAST so far, though! I hope to get it rounded out by Monday. February is turning into a busy month though so I have to actually watch out or I may fall behind! More details to follow when it is complete.

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