100 Day Project: Days 11-15

Disclaimer: I’ve linked some search results from theCrafties below, and unfortunately I must have broken something a bit ago when fiddling around with the PHP here. So, uh, until Boy can get it looked at, kindly accept my apologies for the links not directing you where they should! :/

11. I have only been to Tuesday Mornings once, and I happened upon a backpack that I fell in love with at first sight. It has served me well through grad school, travel, and now lugging things to work on between home and candy shop or office.

12. I spent the day learning more FreeBSD. I like learning.

13. The head gasket of Boy’s Subaru Forester was leaking when he changed the oil around 80k miles. That shouldn’t be a thing, especially with how nice he treats it: always changing oil, using premium synthetic oil, and never driving it until the engine warms up. It is out of warranty, though. I suggested he call Subaru of America and after googling the issue it did look optimistic that Subaru may front some of the cash. Turns out, they paid for all of it! I fell in love with Subaru when I first visited their plant and found out just how green they try to be. Their appreciation of customers is well established! #Subaru4life

14. I got a surprise package in the mail from my world-traveling brother. He ships things to me to house for his return, and usually includes a small gift of some sort.

15. Boy always cooks for me, even when he isn’t hungry. As much as I love eating, I hate making food. One of our go-to’s is a hot ham and cheese with mayo on toast. Nothing special, but we call it a Croque mon Ham – a reference to a Croque Madame that we had in France. (This one actually had an egg, so it would be more similar to a Croque Monsieur.)

The 100 Day project is proving to be challenging. I have to admit that I don’t usually draw every day. I keep a record of what made me happy, and then when I have the motivation to draw, I catch up. This is perfectly fine for a process, but, kinda like painting, I find drawing to be somewhat boring. So some are less studied drawings (which would help my skill improve the way I want) and more quick sketches just to get it over with (which does help, but not as meticulously with real-life effect). I don’t foresee myself quitting, though, so that’s something! I also signed up for a colored pencils class that starts this week at the library. Maybe I will like drawing more when color is involved? Stay tuned to find out!