Site: photos corrected

Whew, it has been a long weekend, but I finally corrected all the old photos on this site! I was originally hosted them through but then Apple changed it to iCloud and I was not interested in continuing my service there. I then began storing them through wordpress but never took the time to re-upload the old ones so once the transition finally took place with Apple, every single image was broken. It was frustrating, because I still get plenty of traffic through internet searches, but without the time to fix it, what can you do?

I am sure I did not find the same original photo in every case, and there are about 5 posts with a missing image that I still hope to re-locate, but otherwise, I can celebrate that that tedious task is done!

It was nice seeing where I’ve come from, both artistically (these make me cringe) and as a writer. I also got to re-read some of my favorite things like this alpaca, this bird, and this fabric family tree.


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