SMS Giveaway Day approaches!

I just signed up for the next give away day : May 23rd. Yippee! :D

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Hop on over here and check it out: Sew Mama Sew! May Giveaway Day

(How my first giveaway day went: Giveaway Day! )

Maybe that will prompt me to forget about the house remodelling and pry myself away from the darling little stray kitty and craft again!

Oh, and something I never did get around to sharing – I won something from Made By Rae in December!! Check it: Falalalafabric Giveaway Winners (#7 :) That is unrelated to Sew Mama Sew’s thing but still, giveaways rock! I have not used the fabric yet, but I do have plans. It was even cuter in person:)

Gosh, I also forgot to share that I won something from WorldBuilders! Each year author Patrick Rothfuss is a part of this thing through Heifer International. Or maybe its Heifer International through WorldBuilders. Well, whatever the case, for every donation you make, they match it. How amazing is that?! And what Mr. Rothfuss does in addition to that is that he organizes a type of giveaway himself. For every 10$ increment you donate, you are entered to win all kinds of cool stuff. Like I can’t even tell you the amount of awesomeness that goes into this. And for such a great cause! I won a signed copy even! When I finish it, I’ll declare but for now reading has gone on the wayside :(

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