Game Review: Pandemic


Quick Stats:

Ranked # 26
2-4 players
Age 10 and up
60 minutes play time
Rated 7.69 out of 10 stars

Learning curve: Easy smeasy.

Re-playability: Since the epidemic cards throw out curve-balls, the games stress level changes up each time. I like it.

My personal thoughts: This is a game where all the players are a team and you fight against the boardgame itself. In our experience, the boardgame almost always wins. That makes it fun, because you think to youself – we got this! we got it! we….we lost. The only flaw with this game that Ive seen is that each player gets a random role to play, which gives them certain abilities. Because you must work as a team, some roles dont really get to decide what they are going to do because there is just one option to make the team succeed. Therefore, certain roles can be a bit boring to play, in and of themselves. However, because there is a lot of talking to strategize the game, the players stuck with those roles still can add a lot of value to attaining the goal (just because they dont get to do much with their little wooden piece doesnt mean they are doing nothing).

I would play it again, and it happens to be one of Tofs favorites. Hes even played it by himself to see if he could beat the game. (If you look at the review at, youll see that it has been recommended to play 1 player.)

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