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Game Review: Ruin

Quick Stats: Ranked # 5271 2-4 players Age 8 and up Rated 5.71 out of 10 stars Learning curve: This game is pretty simple: you roll a dice to move. If the number is red, you also get to change one of the cards that make up a fully interchangeable game board. There is a […]

Game Review: Arkham Horror

Quick Stats: Ranked # 57 1-8 players Age 12 and up 240 minutes play time Rated 7.58 out of 10 stars Learning curve: Not too bad – it looks pretty complicated because of all the small parts and the plethora of cards but it is fairly simple to follow. You move your character to colored […]

Game Review: Twilight Imperium

Third edition, with the Shattered Empire expansion set. Quick Stats: Ranked # 27 3-6 players (3-8 with expansion) Age 12 and up 240 minutes play time Rated 7.81 out of 10 stars (8.62 with expansion) Learning curve: Intense. This is not a game you can pick up by playing like I prefer – there are […]

Game Review: Pandemic

Quick Stats: Ranked # 26 2-4 players Age 10 and up 60 minutes play time Rated 7.69 out of 10 stars Learning curve: Easy smeasy. Re-playability: Since the epidemic cards throw out curve-balls, the games stress level changes up each time. I like it. My personal thoughts: This is a game where all the players […]

Game Reviews

Ok so I compiled a list of the games we currently have. And boy, do we have a lot! We will be getting rid of some of them, as we have discovered they are not that great, but i was surprised to find out how many we had with high ratings at BoardGameGeek.com. We dont […]

house and games

The contractor came on wednesday, yay! It didnt take nearly as long as we all expected because the work he thought he was going to have to do had actually already been done (installing a new header for the load-bearing wall). The guys just ripped out the parts i didnt want and whipped out a […]