100th Post Special

This post isnt what I had intended to post for my 100th post special, but I felt it was special enough, if not even more special than my original intention.

Two friends and I participated in Iraqi Bundles of Love this year, otherwise known as IBOL. To sum it up, a military man who grew up in a family of quilters and married a quilter, and therefore always surrounded by crafting, was stationed in Iraq when he saw a desperate need for sewing supplies. As we all know, Iraq has been through so much strife for such a long time that it doesnt take much imagination to see how sewing fell to the bottom of the economic priorities. While there are many other kinds of donations that could be done, this one really felt right with me because I feel it symbolizes a desire for unity, one crafter to another, no matter where in the world we live.

The three of us were really excited about it and by using our coupon clipping skills, were able to send a bundle worth over 100$ by only spending just about 20$ each. I had heard about IBOL through an article at Sew Mama Sew (the same place I participated in the May Day Giveaway earlier this year). It sounded like supplies other than fabric were needed so that was our focus.


Kinda wishing i had taken better photos of our goodies, but this is what will be received by one of our neighbors in Iraq:

  • 8 pounds of fabric
  • 2  embroidery hoops
  • buttons and fasteners
  • sewing needles and straight pins
  • magnetic pin cushion
  • seam ripper
  • curved safety pins
  • fabric marker and measuring tape
  • 2 sewing scissors
  • craft ribbon
  • thread and thimble
  • bobbins and handi-bobs

The time period for this round of  IBOL is over, due to the fact that its volunteer based and difficult to coordinate long term processing and delivery. But do check out the website (the military man does have a great sense of humor;) and read the story behind it, see the pictures of the families accepting bundles, and wait for the next round to be announced. It will make you feel good, and some Iraqis feel even better :D

PS The cause for my delay would be my kitchen remodel. Not a single crafty project is getting worked on during this mess. Good news is our kitchen floor has now been fully replaced (still without the kitchen basics – no stove, sink, counters, etc). BUT I promised you something and I intend to (eventually) deliver! Im just sorry you are having to wait so long:(