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So I had bought a papasan rocking chair from Pier 1 for my living room, but the layout just wasnt working for me. After meddling with ideas for a few days, i finally decided to put it in the craft room. In order to do so, I had to swap it with my loveseat and coffee table. It took me a while but I finally got the living room comfortable. I have the matching loveseats in the same room for once, and set up for conversation, with the tv in the background (i couldnt even tell you the last time i have turned it on).


Putting the giant papasan chair in the craft room proved other difficulties. I reworked the layout quite a bit but only once I got my new craft table did the pieces fall together. Looking back at what the craft room use to look like and comparing it to now is amazing. It was so cramped and cluttered!

I still need to whip out some curtains for the closet and window, but tada!


The table placement is awesome because I can work from either side, and need I remind you its counter height? Love that! The papasan chair still works out for my “reading nook” and ive moved some scrapping supplies to the shelving next to it from the closet.


That has allowed the closet to be a larger sewing space, since now the ironing board can go on the shelving in there.


The set up of the last shelving is interesting to me, and my cats love the stair-stepped aspect of it. I have an office section set up where I can do all my scheduling and office-type things; my “library”; and some odds and ends storage.


And while taking these photos, I came across some items that deserve to be blogged about. First, there is this ceramic piece i made in highschool. It even has a working drawer on it ;)


Then there is this primitive doll that my friend Leslie made for me a few years ago. She used an old quilt for the dress, patched a star on it for moi, named her Estell (the meaning is “star”), and what you definitely cant tell from the photo is that she has a faint cinnamon smell. Super clever!


This little jar is one of my favorite pieces. In addition to the faces reminding me of Brian Froud‘s artwork (one of my favorite artists – youll know him as the designer of the Labyrinth film with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly), they were handmade by my late great gramma. I dont know if there is a proper name for these dolls, but they are made from hosiery and each one is definitely unique.


I also was gifted this doll, Horse Medicine Woman, for my graduation present. Mik blogged about her here and here, where the light was with her for better photos. It was her first venture for a fully beaded dress and it is stunning (yes ladies and gents, the colors of her dress are tiny little beads)!


And now i must work to deserve the itouch Boy so graciously got me for doing taxes. Bleh.

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    • Thank you for the compliments! The cube shelving (which is all the birch furniture) was bought from Ikea for super cheap (i would have expected more cost for the level of sturdiness!). I put it all together myself, so yes Im sure you could too:) They are quite heavy though so you might need help moving them about once put together. They are from the EXPEDIT collection. The white shelves on the wall were bought at Lowes and I just painted them.

  1. Thanks star child for posting “Estell”. I can tell she likes her new home. (She’s smiling) You know I’m itching to get back to stitching! lol. I love your craft areas. I didn’t forget about the lace. I know where it is and its going to find it way to your little crafty nook and your nimble fingers. Good job on the purse. If I had a sweat shop, you would be my lead stitcher. Keep up the good work and see you Monday.

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