craft room

One of the projects that has taken my time for the last few months is my craft room. First, it needed paint. Then we had to get some storage furniture in there (it is from the EXPEDIT collection at Ikea). Then it became the catch all room, to stuff things from our move. So it has always been a place of disaster, and things went in, and then came out for other things to go in. But now, it is strictly craft things (well….currently boy shares the closet for all his man gear arsenal type things but im pretty sure he will be giving that up to me so that it can become my sewing center!:)

Remember this post, about what it originally looked like and the colors i chose? I had inspiration from a Kleenex box – yes, for true! This one:


That became the long wall without doors or windows. I might also string wrapping yarn across it and hang inspirational things with miniature clothespins. I havent decided yet.


There is still much organizing and cleaning out to do (purging is fun once you get the hang of it!), and little projects such as curtains on the closet and window, a table top for my desk, new flooring, etc etc. But it is coming along (and i was re-energized to deal with it after being gifted some storage options from the bro-in-law). Its messy, but that is my life right now :(


It is kind of divided into two areas. The first is my reading nook (which currently has all kinds of trinkets yet to be purged or put on shelves yet to be placed). The other is the craft workshop. (oh my god, can i say that? that i have a workshop?!). The reading nook will be awesome, once its all organized. And it gives people a place to be if they hang out with me while I craft.


The workshop area has an L-shape desk (aka two bookshelves turned horizontally) that is at bar height. I love that. Im still shopping around for a counter top. I also installed a pegboard over the weeked to help organize my tools. There are even shelves along the side now for my printers, so that they can stay off my crafting desk. I cant wait until its all done and i can start really crafting again! (Nor can i wait for boy to give up his side of the closet and have a sewing nook!)


As you can probably tell, theres a lot to be done yet. I need to get some more bins or baskets, and organize so that all scrapping stuff is here, and all sewing stuff is there, and all other miscellaneous stuff is over yonder. But its coming around and i love it. :D