2009, a year of much

Ill get to writing about my France trip soon I hope. I am trying to tie up some loose ends on selling my condo, buying the house, and making it livable. Until then, I had thought of this list so check out what a crazy year I have had so far:

I started theCrafties
My niece Kaia was born
A friend passed away
I officially graduated
Boy sold his WRX and bought a Forester
I saw New York City
Sold my condo and bought a house
Boy and I went to france and……

It is now time to admit some things…

Boy and I eloped! We had been planning our wedding for probably over a year and a half. I cannot tell you how it started, it just began as idle thoughts that became more serious. So, he really hadn’t proposed to me until that day at the airport, and I really was surprised. (And incidentally, that made it more real for both of us, just 24 days in advance.) Our remarks to questions such as “we decided not to talk about it until after the move and France” wasnt a lie – its wasnt that we werent going to talk to each other about it, but that we werent going to talk to anyone else;)

Of course I will write about some details, but the pics wont be in for about a month. So first up will be about our trip in general. For now, just know we both love the south of France and will definitely be going back!