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We want to share with everyone a special thank you for: Joi Mahon, at DressFormsDesign for helping me pull together ideas and designing my gown and boys suit. And for introducing me to Megan. Megan, at PrincessLasertron for creating an awesome corsage and boutonniere, and for inspiring Ruthy. Most importantly though, for inspiring me to make this […]

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Okay, okay. These upcoming post have been delayed an unreasonably long time. But without further adieu….This is the day we got married! (Well, as you would have read before, we were legally married on the 9th, but had our symbolic ceremony on the 11th.) Originally, I tried to coordinate everything myself, but I ended up hiring a […]

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Boy and I started this project at the end of September. It was a little ambitious, considering we have spent tons of time a) moving and b) working on the house, so its taken a heck of a lot longer than I wanted it to (the point is almost moot, but im not giving up!). […]