Charlottes gift is ready! Like, for real this time. I solved the last problem with a little bit of yarn and it should work great. It WILL be out on delivery today, heavens help me. But, the giftedness of it means no photos for you yet. Here is the package though – I hadnt intended on making it cute, but it just kind of happened:


Meanwhile, although all the problems of it had killed my desire to create (really it was a matter of: If i move on to something else, i will never come back to it), I have accumulated quite a stack of projects.

1. a belated birthday purse

2. a kindle kase

3. a *leather* bookcover

4. little night gowns for my uber small neice

5. a travel purse for me, with pockets for all my goods

That last was suppose to be done before my big NY trip next week, but I dont see that happening :(

(Did i mention my big NY trip? My bro wanted me to visit but I told him i was a poor broke no-longer-college-kid, so he offered the tix as my bday present! Woot!)

Oh and the cats are gone (the hairless ones). My girls are so relaxed now, although the first day after, I think Sasha was incredibly bored because she meowed most of the day (we are talking like 80% of the day instead of 50%). By the end of the week, they were still NOT friends, but Maya took a few naps with Cocoa (and sometimes even Jinx), and Sasha gave up hissing and swatting at every opportunity. But she did follow them incessantly and kept them off her condo. Except for this day (blurry phone pic, sorry):


As return, I was gifted a beautiful quilted blanket. Stunning, actually!!


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