busy weekend

But no update on projects :( I had broken my sewing machine needle, and although I got it replaced, I was barely home this weekend to finish up the tasks. Boy needed me to finish painting his office (which still isnt done – it needs a third coat) and we had a birthday party to go to, not to mention all the other errands that always get pushed off until weekends.

I went over to Gayles and she taught me how to do a blind hem. It doesnt look like my machine will do it (although I need time to look more into it) but at least now I just might be able to hem my own stuff.

On a different topic though, we have gotten serious about Boy learning french, and my reaffirming what I know with rosetta stone. I like that software quite a bit. But we have only 3 months left and 48 lessons to do, so we made a schedule for twice a week that we must uphold! Ultimately, this will cut into my crafting time, but it will allow for better posts in the future about France:)

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