stingray Feyd

Feyd is from a pattern by the Shishi Girl. And yes, I named him after Stings character in Dune.


I loved the simplicity – just cut two pieces and sew together! As my first attempt to try out the pattern before making my neice Kaia some toys, i am pretty gosh darn proud of it. Its so cute:)


I had trouble turning the tail out. And I wish I had sewed the gills, mouth, and eyes first before stitching together – the needle kept getting caught in the stray felt threads. But i think using little white sequins and tiny light blue beads for the eyes was practically ingenious.



I worked on it while the cable guy was here. He was pretty cordial. My point is, this project went by fast! I certainly suggest it for a novice.


felt_toy_stingray6 felt_toy_stingray5

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