circa 2000, cont.

To continue my last posting…

Project D: Shell Frame


My best friend in highschool had invited me to go with her family to Costa Rica. My worldly tour would start there. I collected shells and sand, which is illegal probably to bring back to the States, but i was a kid at the time. At one of my sit-around-and-do-nothing-but-get-paid jobs, I created this frame out of cardboard. It was a fun experiement to make the shape fold how I needed it to and glue it all together. I gave it to my boyfriend as a gift with a photo of my trip in it.

Project E: Flannel Bear


When I first met my boyfriend, he had leant me his very used flannel. It was my first keepsake from him so I treasured it always. I don’t know where the idea came from, but I decided to buy a pattern and turn it into a bear. The heart was an after effect – the flannel was so used that it had begun to tear in parts, so the heart was a fix. Turned out cute though. I used the tag as his back pocket, and stuffed a little hankie in there, and used the buttons as his eyes.


Had I known the material was *that* fragile, i would have lined it with something stronger, but you live and learn in the World of Craft. I later made another one of these, using green, cream, and yellow corduroy material, which I cut into squares and sewed together before cutting and sewing as the pattern said. I gave it as a gift to my friend at work for her first baby and never thought to take any photos of it. But it was cute too – I used wooden buttons for its eyes and the simplicity of it was darling.

Project F: Collage


I think this one was for my highschool senior english class – for an introduction so we could all get to know each other. I love love love collages. They are one of my favorite things. I could drag on the explanations for all the stuff on there but the highlights are: My dog Marbles, a tarantula photo (I had two growing up), my then-desire for a computer science degree, garbage pail kid card, and my old dungeon and dragons character sheet.

Still more to come!

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