Little Lark ornaments

For my embroidery guild ornament exchange, I decided to make a Little LarkGingermelon Dolls makes the cutest little plushies, and she is so generous to offer some patterns for free!

To test out my skills and the pattern, I started with a fabric I really liked and then chose coordinating felt colors – you saw that in a previous WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday post. Though I ordered doll eyes, I knew they would not arrive in time for the holiday party, so I dug around and tested out a pair of buttons. They are quite larger than I had hoped, but I think the little lark turned out just fine! I sewed the year on the back with a tiny patch of fabric just to liven it up a bit.

Happy with the results, I embarked on a journey with a little bird for the holiday exchange. I am not traditional, so I knew it wouldn’t be made from reds and greens or de facto Christmas patterns. I searched online for other color theme ideas and found this image:

However, I was left without exactly matching felt choices. And then also, the other two buttons I found for the eyes were actually even larger than the ones on the first little bird, so they looked silly. The best I could come up with was the two buttons you see. In the end, I feel like this little birdie looks more “primitive” than “holiday”, but that’s quite okay because the lady who won it absolutely adored it. Yay!

At this point in the game, I wanted to make a little bird for so many people. So, once again, I began with a fabric I liked and matched felt. I was still frustrated not having the ability to use doll eyes or good buttons, and then WHAM! It occurred to me to check my bead box. These little gems turned out to be my favorite kind of eyes – and the good news is that I have more! 

The bad news is … I got bored making them so I am not sure anyone else will receive one (this one is pegged for my nephew’s significant other). I do this with everything and I have a love/hate relationship with that part of myself! I could never craft for money because of it, but it keeps me exploring and challenging myself and learning new techniques!

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 49

Brrr it is cold out there! This week’s Works in Progress do not include TAST, nor has there been progress on my crazy quilt block, but I do have things to show!

I needed to make something for the ornament exchange with my guild. I will write about that in another post since I completed it and made two more! What!

That project had me bust out all my felt, so then I decided to see what else I could make since the mess was already all over the room. I found an adorable pattern for little feltie catci by Delilah Iris Designs. The middle one still needs a flower, and then I need to find the miniature terra cotta pots, but Boy has already claimed two for the office, and my friend just moved so it will be a housewarming gift for her. More when they have their little potted homes!


TAST: Roundup 3

Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) by Sharon Boggon

You’ve read about my idea for this here, right? Ok! See all completed TAST posts here.

Huzzah for another completed pennant! I fit six different stitches on this one. That means certainly that I am not exploring them as much as previous stitches, nor am I getting much practice in with each type, but regardless, they are being stored away in my brain, so it’s all good!

I’ve added Stitch #23: Wheatear Stitch (in both gold and green) and #29 Bullion Knot:

#27: Bonnet Stitch:

#37 Woven Cross Stitch, which is super cool if you want to do a starry sky I think:

#39 Oyster Stitch (in purple and variegated green):

And #41 Buttonhole Wheel Cup – one I fully closed into like a little net (left), one is just a few rows that get smaller (center; would be useful to house a round object that can’t be sewn directly to fabric) and one that is more like a tube though it is hard to tell in the image (right). I wanted to see the versatility of this one:

I’ve also noted that I can skip some of the stitches I’ve “missed” because, like before, some appear already on a few pennants of mine! That includes Stitch #35 Long Tail Chain:

Stitch #38 Knotted Cretan Stitch:

and #44 Twisted Chain (or Rope) Stitch (most of the third row):

So as of today, I have eight missing stitches yet – but I am getting there! These include: #24 Twisted Lattice Band, #28 Half Chevron, #30 Triangular Buttonhole, #31 Vandyke Stitch, #32 Buttonhole Herringbone, #40 Woven Detached Chain, #42 Cloud Filling, and #43 Coral Stitch. Some of those were done on my butterfly pillow if you remember!

Hope you’re staying warm!