Bee + Yoga Cross Stitch

This is actually the last “completed” project I have done recently. I was doing some archaeology work this summer and stayed with a gal named Ellie. She teaches yoga and raises bees! I convinced her cat Sampson to fall in love with me, too. I wanted to give Ellie something since I was staying with her for two weeks, including her birthday, and she offered to teach me yoga for free (though the timing never worked out for me) – and she gave me some of her homegrown honey! I thought a small bee + yoga cross stitch project would be appropriate and require less time than surface embroidery (ha, lesson learned!).

bee + yoga cross stitch

It is my first piece that has absolutely zero knots! I don’t mind knots, but I thought it would be good practice. Here you can see my neat and tidy back:

bee + yoga cross stitch

I borrowed the ideas from two sources: Embroiderbee had this great quote that I thought fitting for Ellie’s interest in yoga, plus I added the bees from it. Daily Cross Stitch had this little image that I used for the beehive portion and the inspiration to add the little movement trails on each bee. I could not be more happy with the bee + yoga cross stitch gift!

bee + yoga cross stitch

Without planning this project ahead of time, I had no thoughts in mind of how to finish it or even the supplies to do so. Luckily, I hear Ellie is a crafty gal herself!

Capture One

So I fell off the blogging wagon a bit when Apple decided to stop supporting Aperture and therefore managing photos became extraordinarily menacing. Boy got me Lightroom but I could not get on board. Part of that was how it imported my Aperture library all fungled and so I just didn’t think too highly of it from the get-go. After much complaining, he set me up with a trial run of Capture One and even though apparently the interwebz claims it to be quite difficult, I took to it with ease (though the price tag might be more of a pill to swallow!).

So on that note, I hope to be adding quite a few posts once I get everything sorted out appropriately (because I have been crafting!). In the meantime, check out how I reworked that Scandinavian-inspired heart for my guild I wasn’t digging. The colors are more “English rose” than Scandinavian, but that’s because it was my first foray into the world of legit perle cotton so I just picked some colors without a project in mind. I think I love legit perle cotton. This was made with size 12. I am not sure what it will be yet so for now it is just hanging out.

more buttons

I embroidered three more buttons for my guild’s State Day event later this year. Remember, these each fit within a 1-inch diameter circle!

Two patterns came from 500 Simply Charming Designs for Embroidery. Everyone’s favorite is that wee mouse!

And one came out of the Scandinavian Stitch Craft book, though it is my least favorite out of all of them. I will need to practice these stitches a bit more.

And at our last guild meeting, we were shown how to transform them into buttons, using Dritz’s half ball cover buttons size 60. The process is fairly straightforward: remove the little hinge from its back; tape in a super powerful mini magnet; tightly wrap the fabric around the pokey edges; snap on the back; glue on a brooch locking bar safety pin; glue on a little disk of felt; tada!

Yet, one of the ladies pulled out a device and some thread and in just a few seconds, she had a handcrafted cord! I immediately was head over heels for it and bought my own! I went cord-making crazy with a lot of “scrap” threads I had laying around. It is pretty cool, I have to say, and adds just the right finishing touch, no?