Small finishes

You may recall the Monoprice Ultra-thin Light Table pouch I made, yeah? Well, I made it only for the size of the lightbox, knowing I would have to do something for the power adapter. I simply made a small matching bag, and tossed it in a basket that has other power adapters. But, with it in the bag, I know exactly what it belongs to! Why didn’t I think of that with the others?

A second project I completed was from my embroidery guild. It was a winter-themed candlewick exercise to teach the colonial knot (which I had learned I preferred over french knots with my first candlewick project!). After I embroidered it, I was not sure how to make the finish. But then a banner came to my mind, and ta-da!

Yet another thing I did before the holidays was quilt some linen fabric I had chosen last summer for my window seat. I will post more about it once I finally complete it, but I am getting better at understanding the machine!

I hope to be more regular in posting for 2018, but of course, don’t count on it! I know you feel me. But I am joining a weekly challenge for embroidery (Take a Stitch Tuesday ((TAST)) at Pintangle), and think I will plan a Work-In-Progress (WIP) Wednesday weekly which might prompt me to finish some of the ideas in my head. I might attempt one other weekly thing, so we will see how all this goes, how long it lasts, and what I can accomplish. This year was all about adjusting to a new lifestyle, yet once again, as my work-life balance shifted dramatically. But I got all that sorted out now, yay!

Septic tank woes

Home sweet home is not without issue. In a nut shell, our septic tank caved in this fall. It is in part of our yard that is not easily noticeable from our windows. So imagine my surprise when I wandered outside in a rush to check on a bird that I heard hit the window (which happens all too often, I am sorry to say). I did not find a bird, but I found a big gaping wet hole!

And then I called Boy because we had been talking about getting it pumped out, so while in denial at what I had seen, I assumed he and his dad were in the process of doing something with it. Because, I mean, really – what else could it be? Boy didn’t answer the phone, so I walked over to his dad’s house. His shock at what I described worried me…. We walked back over together and he says what I began to fear: the lid caved in. He and I covered it with a tarp and then we waited for the day when the pump guys and repair guys could coordinate to come out.

I am not sure how long it had been that way but I know we lucked out in several regards after talking to the people who came in and replaced it. It wasn’t full and the lid (and walls!) caved in in such a way that the force of the splash didn’t push all that gunk up into our house pipes, nor did it cause any damage out into the septic field’s drain lines. Phew! We learned all that after pumping it out. Here is the cold hard stinky truth of what goes into a septic tank:

Then the sludge was scooped out for removal. The guys all did their best to avoid the bushes, though one did take a hit. I think it will live, though!

Carefully, but with quick expertise, they lowered in our brand new concrete tank!

Then they worked on burying it. I will now have those little green things in my yard, which I am not a fan of, but knowing why they exist trumps my opposition. Plus, who am I kidding? I don’t mow the grass – the neighbor-dad-in-law does! ;)

At the end, they carefully leveled all the dirt and left a little hump. The dirt will settle around the tank as it rains and animals trample it.

All finished! Ta-da!

From a slightly different angle, you can’t even tell with our white Christmas snow:D

After that happy looking little pine tree a friend gifted me earlier this year, here is a depressing photo, of one of the birds this last migration season that didn’t make it after a run-in with my window. I brought it inside to learn more about its kind: commonly called a butterbutt, it is the yellow-rumped warbler. Bird deaths during migration is becoming a huge problem. If you haven’t heard about it, read more here. It isn’t just windows; there are a host of issues, but maybe the biggest is that indoor-outdoor cats should really have bells!

2016 house makeover

After our new siding last year, Boy decided that the next major project at the house was to replace the roof. He gathered his friends to help (one of them has worked as a roofer before) and his dad supervised the bigger project. Unfortunately, they planned it to be over summer’s heat wave last year. I just never got around to posting! The outside of the house is almost complete in its makeover (sans landscaping) – if only my doors and utility boxes were painted and we got a new garage door! Some day…

To fully enjoy these photos, refer back to this old ugly house for what it use to look like;)

The siding for the house was done by a friend of the family (he works in construction so we hired his company through the grant we got that let us redo several windows, the HVAC system, air conditioner, water heater, and siding). My FIL and UIL (uncle-in-law) did most of the rest of it, though Boy helped when he could certainly.

There were areas in the sub-roof that needed repair, so it was good we did it before there became problems.

UIL got a nail through his foot mid-roofing job, so I posted this sign in the window. Everyone loved the wise crack!

I already miss the lovely sunny days, even if fall means way, way too many leaves.

We were going to paint the little shed but then FIL said we had enough to side it! He and his brother also repaired the doors. Though it is not shown in this photo, we put some really cool handles on it and it locks securely now.

The old ugly house is becoming home sweet home! :D