WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 5

I had intended to show you a WIP of a snazzy foundation-pieced project today, but I decided to postpone starting that until I had the proper tools. I only recently heard about an “add a quarter ruler” so when that showed up in the instructions, I bit the bullet and ordered some. Gosh, that would have made Hester’s Rose and my UnderCover Mat so much easier! I also ordered newsprint paper, which supposedly is as good as foundation paper, but much much cheaper. Previously, I just used printer paper. It worked fine for those two projects but I could see it being an issue with other ones.

For one (!) of my other WIPs, I am a bit disappointed. I ordered fabric from Missouri Star and it took almost two weeks to get the shipment, which was then missing an item. When I called, I was told that they are no longer carrying it (they sent an email but it never hit my mail server). Well, great, because that item is literally the fabric required to start anything at all. And this quilt has a deadline in basically one short month (literally – hello February!) – I wanted to handquilt it but I seriously doubt that will come to fruition now. And with the state of things lately, I haven’t had a chance to go find a decent quilt store. Oi vey! I did what I could, though, which is to arrange the charm squares how I will want them. Not a small task when mixing different designs. I’ll detail more later when I start sewing it just in case I need to change my mind on the whole thing!

I usually try not to have too many projects going at once (for fear I will put one aside to never see light of day again) but alas, I began my first ever dive into the realm of ribbon embroidery anyway. You saw it once already in my 100 Day Project. I will post more details once it is complete but what I’ve learned so far is that it is not for the faint of heart! Silk ribbon is delicate so this is a slow and methodological process. I do enjoy it, but it is quite different than normal surface embroidery, I must say. For those of you who might have fallen in love at first sight like I did and can’t wait til I post more about it, this is a kit from Tatiana Popova at Owl Crafts.

I also want to show you that I am attempting a “drum” solution to keep the fabric from slipping in my cheap bamboo hoops. I just used some quilting thread and whipped around the hoop, right next to the wood. Then I went back and shoved the excess fabric out of the sewing area and tacked it periodically. So far, so good!

With it being a slow process, I haven’t progressed very far just yet because I needed to swap over to TAST to stay caught up there.

This week’s TAST is the Herringbone Stitch. I’ve only the motif left. Nothing particularly amazing is striking me, sad to say. I did see an amazing pair of fishnet stockings by Luiz Vaz, though!

100 Day Project: Days 1-10

So, recall my plans for the 100 Day Project. I’ve been adding the title and a quick critique on each one. These are unimportant really as it’s just to force me to think about my technique. Anywho, here is week one, days 1-10.

1. I read every night before sleep. I always always always have a book in one of my book covers and a glass of tea. Another happy part is that my lamp dims and has a built in tray for my rings and chapstick!

2. I really get pleasure out of figuring out handstitching projects. Well, okay, any project. As you know, I was super excited to complete my name tag!

3. You also know that I made a rose out of my gramma’s fabric. It is sure to become something special for me. I enjoyed the challenge of drawing the fabric designs, though I didn’t finish it.

4. This one is very exciting for me. In part of my 2018 Get Creative scheme, I was tossing around the notion of getting a dedicated notebook for doodling and ideas. But, truth be told, with all the schooling that I have under my belt, I have so many half used notebooks and such that I couldn’t justify buying a new one. Boy has a cold and I made a quick trip to Walgreens for some meds, so I perused their stationary section just ever so briefly anyway. I fell madly in love with a well built, many-paged (and serrated!), hardcover, fully bound notebook covered in gnomes. But, alas, I was not there for me and I had no such need. With only one left in stock, I knew I would never see it again. That is, until I lamented over and over about my “gnomebook” that Boy later surprised me with it! Weeeeeeeee!!!!! It is working like a charm, also. My ideas are becoming less dream-like and more concrete. It is an interesting exercise to really think about what your personal creative-ness is.

5. Though I am abundantly disappointed with Nintendo because of our Switch failure and loss of all saved data (did I ever mention that?), Nintendo is still Nintendo. They have my heart. Boy brought in the miniSNES from the game room so he could play while I stitched.

6. I don’t usually patron coffee shops (I don’t drink caffeine, first of all!), but my SIL and I enjoy hanging out at a local place when she’s got tantalizing questions to discuss (she’s getting a masters in communication). Unfortunately, it was packed so we moved to Starbucks. The Teavana Passion decaf tea wasn’t bad, but the good part was simply hanging out.

7. We got a new candy at the shop – red licorice dogs. They have such amazing flavor! MmmMmMmMMmmm!

8. I am ever so grateful to have such a powerhouse computer. I really like the reflection! So tiny, though. It was too difficult to be accurate.

9. On the day I thought I was losing the battle with my cold (spoiler – I WON!), I couldn’t get into any craft. Instead, I decided to read about one that I ordered a while back. It sounded daunting, which wasn’t good because my MIL and SIL also ordered kits and they aren’t as advanced as me. When I started feeling a wee better, I decided to at least get the pattern drawn up (that’s why it is sketched here rather than looking as nice as that wood – holy cow!). You’ll see more of the actual project on Wip-TAST-ic Wednesday;)

10. Sasha is as predictable as she isn’t. My craft chair is one of her favorite perches and Boy often has to fight her off every time he is using it to work while I craft. She just always looks like she owns it, you know? But she moved, a lot, as I predicted. So, I couldn’t spend too much time on this one.

What goodies will the next days bring? :D

Acrylic paint workshop

My sister-in-law and I signed up for a super cheap 2-hour acrylic paint workshop at the local library today. We weren’t sure what to expect other than the theme was a winter scene. The artist, Tom, was super nice. As we waited for our layers to dry, he showed us images of some of his work and wow, I can say I’ve now met one of those people who make colored pencil drawings look like legit photographs. I am quite tempted to sign up for one of his more lengthy classes (free through the library, what!). Anyway, this is what our goal was:

And mine, below, didn’t come out too shabby. Though, I do wish these type of courses allowed some extra time at the end for those of us who want to keep exploring. I didn’t quite get mine “just right” and felt a wee rushed. 20 more minutes woulda been great. But at 5$ I am definitely not complaining!!