TAST: chevron stitch

Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) by Sharon Boggon

You’ve read about my idea for this here, right? Ok! See all completed TAST posts here.

Here is my sampler for the chevron stitch, front and back:

TAST: chevron stitch

TAST: chevron stitch

To start, I wanted to see how well the chevron stitch took to a curve (fine!). Then I was curious what happens if you play with the stitch lengths within a single chain, and I overlapped part of it for contrast (light sea foam green and coral). I also wanted to see what would happen if I changed the angle of the stitches and layered them (darker green).

TAST: chevron stitch

In this section, I played around with mirroring chevron stitches (and used a small straight stitch to add decoration). I also played with overlapping stitches of equal size and interweaving different sizes.

TAST: chevron stitch

I had to squeeze in one last type of chevron stitch where I normally have just the motif. It is just stacked chevron stitches, with a threaded look. You might recall I wasn’t feeling so inspired for a motif idea last week. I finally came up with a plan, though I did cheat a wee bit on the motif here. I wanted to use the single chevron stitch somewhere on the pennant, so I accomplished that here in the vegetation of the little planter (green stems and red flowers), the blue butterfly, and then also the picnic table and benches. However, I needed the furniture to be thick and I did not have anything other than floss to work with. I considered layering the stitches in a tightly stacked way but felt that it would look better if I just widened each leg of the stitch with a couple of straight stitches. Clearly, I’ve been dreaming of summery weather!

TAST: chevron stitch

And, of course, the title segment.


TAST: chevron stitch

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WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 12

Hola all!

I whipped out TAST’s chevron stitch as you can see here. Problem is…. how does one make this into a motif?? I’ll be twirling that around in my head for a while yet…

When researching this stitch, I came upon the Half Chevron Stitch and I have loads of ideas by way of motifs for that. I reached out to Sharon, though, to find out if that will be a TAST stitch later this year. It will, so that doesn’t help with this week’s personal challenge. Oi!

Mabel the Raccoon

An embroidery whirlwind blew through town this weekend and I finished up my raccoon embroidery. I had so much fun figuring out what stitch to use and how to solve problems along the way! I didn’t even mind – at all! – re-doing some sections. And bonus, I learned some tips to avoid problems the next time. I haven’t decided how to finish this project. I’ve got some ideas swirling around but for now she will live in a hoop.

So here she is, Mabel the Raccoon:

Mabel lives in a little forest town with some other critters. I hope to introduce them to you some day! Until then, I draw your attention to the different textures, like her head versus the inner part of her ear:

Here is a slightly different angle of Mabel’s face where you can better see that her eyes and nose also stand out.

Her whiskers look lovely, no?

Mabel’s hand sits in her little pocket and her tail is held proudly behind her. The dress is sweet with its collar, buttons, and trim.

I am super proud of this little acorn lantern! I absolutely adore the effect of the textures.

A few mistakes still remain on this piece, and the legs/sandals are one of them. I was just super stoked to try out my sandal idea before I stitched her legs. Oopsie.

I am considering turning Mabel into a raccoon embroidery pattern for others to try. Any thoughts on that? Seriously – I’d like to know! :)