SewIN Quilt and Fiber Biennial

The first SewIN Quilt and Fiber Biennial, put together by Art Seed, begins tomorrow. I tell you this because through a serendipitous encounter, my crazy quilt block is in the art show! I passed through my old stomping grounds coming back from my work in Kentucky and had my block on hand to show my gramma. Long story short, since “I know a guy”, I was able to add my piece. I wasn’t confident it should be in an art show, but I also thought “why the heck not try it?!” so I did. That’s bravery for you right there. Mine is located at Hosparus, and you can see it in this image if you look super closely. We joked that the title of my piece ought to have been “Smaller Than Expected” since other pieces are so much larger – mine is only the size of a piece of paper!

If you are new to my site, the piece in question is my first BCQC block. The people who work at Hosparus are among the most generous, and the people who visit are most likely quite sad so I hope that mine and the others can brighten their day a bit.

… if I have something in an art show … does this mean I am an artist? (:

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 45

Here is my progress on TAST this week:

But it isn’t what you think! I actually finished a pennant as well, but I need to wait til I have more than just these iPhone photos. See! I told you not to give up on me yet.

When I was out of town on work, I swung by six different needle arts shops. Of course I broke the bank, but I found so much cool loot and now have places to visit next time I am around. Super excited!! Anyway, I picked up a needlepoint design. I don’t know anything at all about needlepoint other than it’s just a half-cross stitch. Of course, there is so much more to needlepoint than just that, but that’s all I have to work with! I picked up this pretty letter V and the coordinating perl cotton in size 5. I believe it is a Rosalie hand-painted design. More to follow!

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 44

I’ve made progress on TAST but I failed to mention last week that I would be out of town for archaeology again this week. I made the right assumption of not having time to sew so I left everything back home.

I am enjoying myself here though, and found some beautiful historic examples of quilts in the Estill County (Kentucky) museum. I don’t know if this pattern has a name, but I love the scrappiness of it, and it looks fairly simple! Maybe a variation of or “free styled” tumbler?

This is a beautiful example of cross stitch design and strawberries – and lovely hand-quilted patterns:

And of course since I am into embroidery stitches and crazy quilting, I had to take many photos of this piece. Unfortunately it was behind glass and quite difficult to photograph without getting reflections.

I love that quilt quite a lot – it has so many stitching ideas I’ve never seen before. Definitely going to remember this for future projects! That’s why I will even include this one with the terrible reflection – very cool embroidery!

I wasn’t at this museum for funsies but instead to meet with local interest groups and do some research. Forgive the iPhone photos, please. I barely had time to snap these photos or I might have been able to plan better for record-keeping. What I mean is, I didn’t get any information about the artists or time period or the like. I did meet with some of the Estill County Historical and Genealogy Society and Museum staff, so perhaps I can ask them next time we discuss the project!