WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 46

I am making a third TAST roundup for this week. You can see my progress and doodle ideas here:

I also made progress in my first needlepoint project. I don’t love needlepoint (and I don’t even know if I am “doing it right”) but I came up with an idea to attach this to a wood plaque so I feel like I will love it when all is said and done anyway. I really like the colors and the design – it’s just that in needlepoint itself, curves aren’t an option. I’ve decided to “cheat” a little and use backstitches. I read that’s allowed – I am just not sure if there is a “right” way or not!

My tension isn’t perfect, so I am hoping that a recent addition to my stash will save the day: I now have boy’s grandmother’s adjustable stretcher bars for needlepoint!

TAST: Roundup 2

Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) by Sharon Boggon

You’ve read about my idea for this here, right? Ok! See all completed TAST posts here.

Hola out there! Here are my efforts for a few TAST stitches. Front and back:

On today’s pennant, I caught up with Stitch #21 the Cable Chain:

The first two rows are basic cable chain. Then a row of threaded, and a row of slipped. Then two half rows of knotted, and the other half rows of spiked knotted cable chains. I really like the knotted cable chain, but dang did I have to restart so many times! I finally got it under control though. And I am not sure if the spiked knotted cable chain is exactly correct, but I do like the effect. The last row there is three variations of the buttonholed cable chain (three segments of a single side, two segments of both sides, and one three segments of alternating buttonhole cable stitch).

Then I added a row for Stitch #22, the Interlaced Cable Chain:

And to finish off the point of the pennant, Stitch #25, the Butterfly Chain stitch. On the left, the middle of the red butterfly is slightly taller than the outside. On the right, the outsides are longer than the center. And in the middle one at the bottom of the “necklace” so to speak, the center is quite longer on both ends than the outside stitches.

Looks like I forgot to spray with water for the markings to go away, but fear not, this will all be sorted when I sew the pennants into bunting!


Folk Art Panel

I recently mentioned that I was almost done with this project, what I call the “folk art panel”. And now, here it is in all it’s wonky glory! I pieced it together by machine, but everything else was done by hand (hence the “wonky” bit, as I certainly could use more practice). I also tried a new technique for myself – using the backing fabric as the binding. Actually, I think I prefer it!

I used a large hoop, based off of Shawkl’s design, to hold it in place. I did have to lace it a little because of the way I did everything, but it mostly worked – for my first go at it, I am really happy with it!

If you want to make your own, try looking up the candlewick embroidery kit called Pennsylvania Dutch Tree or Folk Art Florals – they are from the Creative Circle and designed by Charlotte Reilly, if it helps!

I used the Frixion gel pens again to draw where my sewing lines would be. I am a little apprehensive to continue using them. I haven’t done any tests yet, but there was some ghosting on the darker red fabric. It is less noticeable with the stitches, but still…

I had to get it done prior to my next guild meeting to qualify for a fun challenge prize (I won a set of “templates” – aka cookie cutters;). I’m happy I had that fire under me, else who knows when I wouldv’e come back to it!

And winter is upon us here, so I struggle with my photos and white balance depending on the room and time of day. I am still learning photo editing, which is hard when you just plain don’t care! Gah!