Library Updates

Just a quick note about some changes I made in the Library.

First, I added a gallery of my favorite projects as well as popular posts (now that I am beginning to understand how to read google analytics). I think it would be helpful for new visitors to see easily if my little corner of the internet would be interesting enough to follow. Hey – I’m a realist, ok?

I marked Recipes as “archived”. Who am I kidding? Recipes, ha! I don’t cook. I lucked out in my choice of life partner for that;) 

I also tentatively marked Games as “archived” because although I still play them, I just haven’t posted about them. Which is a little ironic because one of my biggest all-time pages is my review for Arkham Horror. Seems like there is an interest in board game reviews by ordinary people. I might come back to it – I do still try to take photos of each new game I play for this very purpose. So, time will tell for that.

As far as Links, I last updated it in 2015. I need to remove the abandoned sites and add the few I’ve found since. I currently follow exactly 100 people through Feedly – but even some of them have bailed so before I just copy them to the Library, I want to sort through them all. I’ll get around to it… some day. It’s a good day in my feedly app if I have more than two posts to look at. My, how times have changed! Where did all the bloggers go? :(

So, on that note, could you do me a favor? Do you blog? Are there blogs out there that you adore for crafty pleasures? Please share them with me!!

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 15

I have two projects to share this week. The first is the TAST challenge: arrow stitch. I am not very far on it yet. I blame the weather (it’s been walkable!) and working at the office a lot more. Maybe I should just give up the dream of temporary retirement and realize I have a “real” job even if it is at my husband’s company. Sometimes I wonder how he ever got on without me! I hope I am not spoiling him too much since I will be away again this summer on an archaeological project.

My other WIP is for an upcoming embroidery guild meeting. We will be learning how to create a French Boutis item. I picked a zippered bag in pomegranate color. Not my usual color scheme, and I am all the more excited about that! Our first task was to have the patterned copied to the fabric. Since my bag is a darker color, I opted to trace the design onto the white fabric. I will just have to be quite careful that I stitch through both pieces!

The teacher, a fellow guildmember, suggested I try Pilot’s Frixion gel pens. If you haven’t heard of these, the gel disappears with heat (iron, blow dryer, or even the microwave – if you google them like I did, you might find an interesting kind of notebook that uses that last method). I made some practice marks on the fabric and then took my iron to it. On this particular fabric, I was left with “ghosting”, or very feint lines where the ink had been. Because I am new to French Boutis, I did not want to risk seeing how off my stitches are on the finished product, which is why instead I used a Frixion pen on the white fabric.

TAST: Sheaf Stitch

Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST) by Sharon Boggon

You’ve read about my idea for this here, right? Ok! See all completed TAST posts here.

Here is the front and back of last week’s TAST challenge: the sheaf stitch.

TAST: sheaf stitch TAST: sheaf stitch

Yes, I am beyond irked to see the dark blue thread bleed. I guess that is what I get when I use cheap threads! It is only my second experience with bleeding threads, and luckily neither has been on any kind of “heirloom” piece, so I got over this pretty quickly. Just another lesson learned and documented to be remembered! (The offending thread has since been disposed of.)

TAST: sheaf stitch

At first glance, I once again thought that the sheaf stitch was pretty straightforward without many options. Hoo boy, was I wrong! In order of segments above from left-right, here is how I played with the stitch in the top “row”: number of wraps (dark blue and yellow), varying colors/angles/lengths (dark blue, light blue, yellow), creating an arch (light blue), creating a torch/sword (dark blue). The second row is exploring what making a border might be like (dark blue and light blue). The third “row” creates a sort-of zigzag effect (yellow and dark blue), a scallop effect (yellow and dark blue), a tiny flying thing? (light blue and dark blue), and ends in a cross/4-pointed star shape (yellow and dark blue). The next “row” was again exploring a border (light blue), and then seeing what happens if I play with lengths of the stitch and a continuous wrap between them (dark blue and yellow). The following row is divided into three “areas”, with area one (on the left) having two rows. The top is an experiment with stitch lengths (light blue and dark blue) while the bottom experimented with stitch spacing and count (yellow and light blue). The middle area was creating a fancy fill, using different stitch lengths and angles (yellow and light blue). The left area was another fill, alternating colors and varying stitch lengths (dark and light blues). That bottom row exhibits more border options: alternating direction of the sheaf stitch (dark blue) or where the sheaf stitch is tied (light blue and dark blue).

TAST: sheaf stitch

As I mentioned before, I struggled pinning down the motif idea. This farm scene was in my head originally but I feared it wouldn’t work out well. However, the other ideas I had seemed not as exciting so I decided to try this. I used very long sheaf stitches in green to mimic the landscape, and then tied them with varying number of wraps in a brown to suggest a path. I added a similar technique in variegated blue to imagine a bubbling stream. The sunset was a fun exercise in creating a rounded shape (and then weaving threads to fill it in). And the barn saw a sheaf stitch with only two straight stitches (for the doors), or wrapped individually many times (for the roof). And, of course, little sheafs of grain in the field in front of the barn. What do ya’ll think?

TAST: sheaf stitch

Above, the title section. I bought new black DMC thread but it also appears fuzzy when I stitch. I still can’t tell if I prefer split stitch or stem stitch, apparently, as this has both. Oh well!