Scarf Mouse Sold

Remember these very nice mice, made with Ann Wood’s pattern? I had given three total to a shopkeep down the hall from the candy store. They were my “practice” ones before making my friend an ornament. She notified me yesterday that someone bought this little dude:

So that’s that! My first craft sale ever! The customer who bought it popped into the candy shop and we chatted for a while (I hadn’t known then, though). So, I know that this little mouse is dressed well for its new home in Seattle.

I keep meaning to make new mice for her shop, with the lessons I learned (the ornament turned out quite nicely!), but I haven’t yet. I am still very much on the fence about “making something strictly to sell it”. I want to test those waters someday, maybe, but I also don’t want to turn my stress-reducing hobby into a stress-creating venture. You get me?

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 21

TAST is on hiatus this week. I should have gotten my last pennant finished, I suppose, or at least should have decided about that crossed buttonhole stitch, but alas, I have done neither! My brain’s energy is all on the deck or planning to go away for a couple of weeks to do bioarchaeology stuff.

The weather has prevented us from doing much more with the deck. The concrete is ready for the next stage, adding the post holder things (I am sure there is a more official name for them, but I am too lazy to investigate). Then the wood work can begin! I imagine this will be like the re-roofing project: I go away for a bit of work and come home to a lovely finished project weeks later without spilling much blood or sweat myself. It’s pretty cool, true, but I do wish to be more participatory at times. House building is, after all, like crafting on steroids! That is why I have requested some boards specific to a different project to be ordered when the time comes to get the deck stuff. I intend to build a little pergola for my garage pretty well solo over a weekend when I am home. I found some details at This Old House, so I hope to create something like this (though we do have a two-car garage door so I’ll have to finagle the measurements):

And that’s it. I am ashamed to say NO crafting has occurred since last week. My brain is on anthropology instead!

WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 20

Time travel is great, no? So anyways, I didn’t actually get this posted last week but I also didn’t get much crafting done.

I worked more of the satin stitch on my latest TAST pennant; just a few leaves to go. I am also at the point of deciding if I want to dedicate a whole pennant to the week’s TAST challenge (Crossed Buttonhole Stitch) or squeeze a few of the variations on this one. Hem haw, hem haw.

The reason my posts have been delayed here lately is because I’ve been redirecting my brain to other projects.

First up, I am preparing for a month or three of student supervision on a field project (more on that will occur over at my anthropology blog). Some refreshing of my studies is in order! And, no, that is not a real skeleton. It is quite garbage as far as what I would like to have, actually, being made of heavy plastic with quite laughable “detail”, but it gets the job done just enough to help me visualize what should be there most of the time. It certainly saved me in the beginning of my graduate class, when I couldn’t even tell a femur from a humerus!

Second, Boy decided it is high time we have a deck so much research in design and construction has been had. (I lost the debate on finishing the inside of the house first simply because my wallet is much less power-wielding than his, ha!) We’ve got the concrete foundations set so far. You can see Boy’s handiwork here in hot pink, snuck in between the workers drilling holes.