Aunt Martha’s first test

I picked up an Aunt Martha’s tracing pad and transfer pencils recently and wanted to see if this is something that can help me going forward. The process is simple: use the tracing paper to copy an image with the transfer pencil, then use a hot iron to transfer the image to your fabric of choice.

I chose an image I grabbed from a coloring app called Lake – it showcases a great variety of artists and their work and some of them I just absolutely love. This particular image is from Nina Stajner and her Little Furry Friends set.

My ironing skills was a little less intense across the top, which is why it is more feint than the rest, but overall, I think it did the job well. There is some discoloration on the fabric where maybe a bit of pencil dust was hiding out (in the water in front of the swan), but I am unperturbed. This area will get covered by embroidery but also cold water and soap supposedly removes the pencil marks (I’ll know for sure when I get to that stage).

I have quite a big project in front of this one, so it might be a while before I mention it again, but consider it officially in the queue!

Sewing box

I love books and I love bookstores but those are harder to find, at least the good ones with All The Books and All The Things. For instance, we no longer have a Borders or a Barnes & Noble, and our Books-A-Million is super tiny. But the BAM where I visited for Thanksgiving is pretty great and I picked up this flocked book box for my sewing supplies. I kinda wanted it but wasn’t really sure about it (Boy actually got it for me because I couldn’t make up my mind). Turns out, I absolutely love the thing!

I usually have a zippered bag for my supplies and while I work, they get lost in the mess I create. 

I bought a large tray to try to keep that under control, but I just don’t use it often, and when I do, it is still so easy to lose my things. This box keeps all my tools handy, while easily moving around (read as: stacked under/on top of all kinds of things). Even my little kitty pin cushion I inherited from my gramma fits – pins included! 

Pretty Dice Bag

I visited family for Thanksgiving and went to one of my all-time favorite stores, Ben Franklins. Among other things, I scooped up a pre-made brown polkadot pouch and a pretty floral patch. Ta-da! A new pretty dice bag!

The patch is not iron-on, which lends itself to being scrunched up when the pouch is tied.

That did mean I had to sew it on, and I was delighted to find I had exactly matching threads. I love you, serendipity!

I love the patch itself – it is layered in a 3D effect and the threads really shine. It also gives me ideas for stumpwork!

And I guess I never posted about my old bag – I had a little velvet pouch lying around and added an old lace motif: