WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 42

I have a cold. I say this because I did not go to work anywhere this week, and work is where I left my TAST supplies, so you know what that means – I didn’t do any TAST and now I am another week behind! Oi!

I haven’t felt well so I’ve mostly laid around watching TV shows and napping, but I did have moments of energy to do something productive. I’ve almost completed something I started May of last year! I’m doing it as part of my embroidery guild’s “UFO” challenge – to complete an “unfinished object” that was started prior to this year by our meeting in November. Because all I need to do now is one little thing, I’ll save the good photos of it for a separate post, but here is a teaser:

And my BCQC block now has ribbon embroidery! Very little left to do here, as well. I already signed up for the next course!

Stay healthy out there.


WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday 41

Ok, let’s start with TAST! After gathering my project back together and scoping out Pintangle (which Sharon just revamped so be sure to check it out!), I realized that I had done several of the stitches already on previous pennants. This includes: #19 crossed buttonhole, #20 whipped chain, #26 herringbone square, #33 barred chain, and #36 crossed and plaited feather stitch. They aren’t great examples, every one, but for time’s sake, let’s just call it, okay?

You may recall that I am in the middle of a pennant of flowers, which includes: #13 buttonhole wheel, #16 satin stitch, #17 French knots, and #18 whipped wheel (seen here). There are several new TAST stitches I’ve yet to do that might fit great on the space I have left. I’m committing to figuring that out by next week’s WIP-TAST-ic Wednesday post. I am officially 15 stitches behind at this point. It feels a little daunting, since I have other projects going on as well, but with the dreary fall and gloomy winter ahead, I imagine I’ll knock these out pronto.

My BCQC block is coming along. I’d be further finished if I could just find a perle cotton in a color (and appropriate size) that fits. As a practice piece, though, I’ve decided it is what it is. I might still fiddle with it, especially as the class progresses (you’ll see some changes already if you are super detail oriented).

My guild had a huck weaving embroidery project, so I grabbed a kit. I found it to be so very pleasing! The fact that the needle never pierces the fabric ensures a quick progression and it felt really relaxing. Huck weaving is a Swedish style, and my kit came from Nordic Needle (though I can’t find it listed anymore). I am almost finished with it – just need to sew a hem and fringe the edge. My only hangup is that the particular threads in the kit were not color-safe, so my mistakes left a mark. I wonder how it will handle being washed. Find out with me next time I post about it, ha!

Oh, and my last mouse sold! Huzzah!